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  1. Did some work with all new paint, rivets, panels, and bumps for Milton's Howard few years ago. Howard 500 repaint
  2. The rare American executive transport aircraft the Howard 500!
  3. My mother was German so second language was German although not used in decades. My power language is "tongues"! Using a cell as a communicator like in Star Trek works pretty good. Matter of fact is a guy rode up on his bike and asked in Spanish if I would like my trees trimmed. I do not speak Spanish and he used his cell and I spoke in his cell... no need since I just had them trimmed. His cell translated into Spanish on the fly. We communicated back and forth like a normal conversation.
  4. Science and technology can be a blessing, but human wisdom seems to be lacking in the current events in this world. Look up!
  5. First car was a 1968 Mustang Fastback Hot Rod, 282 cam, cyclone headers, Edelbrock Torker intake with 600 Holley, B&M C-4 trans, etc. My sports car from the 70's... 1969 Fiat 124 Spider, twin cam aluminum head, split headers, 5 speed trans, and 4 wheel disc brakes. My current and only ride since 1982... Bought new 82 Capri RS 5.0 with mod updates. Love this car... 40 years later!
  6. Reminds me part of this movie the character of Buster done by The Rock!
  7. Greatest tool would be my mind that I carry His Word in!
  8. This and the wild ride of the resent winning of Rich Strike! That horse wasn't suppose run and was next in line since one of the horses bowed out got the chance to run.
  9. It was leaking so aborted landing... full power before being flooded.
  10. Bring out the old timers from years gone by... Howard's, MAAM B-25's, O-2, and the latest flight taking the Albatross from dry dock back in the air.
  11. Looks a bit short (CZST) so water it is... hope it still floats! Now where' that Flex Tape®?!
  12. Thanks guys! Once in a while like to bring out the old birds many may not fly any more like the MAAM B-25.
  13. Way back machine! Buzzing friend at Water Sutton's (WA79).
  14. Well I don't see here, but I would want a Goose (Grumman) to play in the water!
  15. For me it's Guy Penrod and David Phelps. When those two sing together it's incredible! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gGa1w_bnvM
  16. My choice would be the Howard 500... ah... the C-47... oh ah F3F-2 along with Stearman crop-duster... wait... C-182 for getting around. I think that covers it!
  17. When I left my body and traveled anywhere I wanted. Beyond anything I've ever experienced on earth, but will never forget that experience!
  18. I remember going to the chow hall for some ham & bacon omelets with cheese and grits with butter and sugar sprinkle on top, plus hash-browns... yum. Reading this made me remember those days. excerpt from ROORD latest book... “We’ll treat the SSI crew,” said the USAF pilot. “Pretty good breakfasts here.” “Even if it’s bad stuff, we eat if you treat,” said Clausen. “Good mess hall here. Real eggs and butter, hotcakes, good fried spuds, and sausage and ham,” said the pilot. “And they make a decent batch of coffee.” What Cooper did for is aircrew mate was heroic! Bravo writing Rodger!!!
  19. It seem some over at the The Old Coots Club members haven't been around for few years also.
  20. As ex-mechanic auto/aircraft I know my tools, but PS is my current choice. Aircraft art for the ROORD book series!
  21. Milton created this beauty way back for FS2002. This was his last updated model since he retired. I updated this paint job and added normal mapping a few years go. Giving the model a rippled metal effect on the skin. Don't fly that much any more but when I do love taking her out for a flight! This one has the latest walkway strips on the wings.
  22. Orbx NA Southern California Flying the Howard from Palm Springs heading west. Just past Ontario Intl. KONT... Just below is Cable KCCB... On my left is El Monte KEMT...
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