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  1. Seriously, I'm sure that Orbx wants to make sure virtually all lclookup migration issues have been resolved across its customer base, before proceeding with the openLC NA release. I'd rather fly over openLC USA/Mexico/Caribbean scenery that looks great on Day 1 of release, however long it takes Orbx to deliver that. OK, just wanted to say that before this thread gets locked.
  2. Do you mean the latest OrbxLibs? I just was able to download that file in 4 minutes from https://fullterrain.com/support#orbxlibs So if FTX Central is too slow in downloading the libraries, try the direct download above.
  3. At least as of October 2015, Orbx has been developing a CityScape San Francisco scenery payware product, details in the thread below. Aside of that, the best currently available scenery from Orbx, that includes the SF Bay area, is FTX Northern California.
  4. Regarding whether there will be additional Vector releases, see JV's announcement here (from July 2015).
  5. Each time the latest FTX Central is run, I believe it will cause the latest Orbx autogen (spb) files to be copied to the simulator's "autogen" directory. So, AutogenConfigurationMerger (ACM) would need to be run again, to cause supplemental spb files (such as FranceVFR) to be merged into the Orbx files. Yes, I was able to get this working fine with the unified lclookup setup. I'm not at my flight simulation computer at this time, so if I remember correctly: (1) Copy the latest FranceVFR spb files into a new directory such as "E:\Prepar3D\FranceVFR\autogen", along with empty scenery and texture directories under "E:\Prepar3D\FranceVFR". (2) Add an entry for "E:\Prepar3D\FranceVFR" to scenery.cfg. (3) Enable ACM to run whenever Prepar3D is started, via the exe.xml entry for ACM, as per the ACM instructions in the PDF files at http://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/one-last-test-please.436285/. The ACM installer is also at that link. If for some reason this messes textures up and so on (which I haven't yet seen in my environment so far), just run FTX Central again to restore the Orbx autogen files and deactivate the E:\Prepar3D\FranceVFR scenery entry.
  6. JV did announce plans for a FTX Hawaii region, after Germany North and Germany South are done. So until the FTX Hawaii full-fat region is available, the openLC version of Hawaii will be a very nice placeholder to explore!
  7. Ben did say in his post here: "File downloads will be hosted on a cloud network such as Amazon S3 which will definitely be able to withstand the amount of traffic that we will generate from the store." So I assume OrbxDirect will be hosted on a much more robust server, than whatever server(s) has been supporting the Orbx websites in the past several weeks. Also, Ben said in the same post: "Choosing a location for the install data is definitely something I'd like to add to FTXC3. This is so that if you're doing a reinstall, you can use the install data you've saved to another HDD, for example, instead of having to re-download the data every time you install a product."
  8. I think you meant updating to Central v2.1 for the Unified lclookup support. Central v3 would be later on as part of the OrbxDirect support. No idea if the hold is still on for Central v2.1 (Unified lclookup).
  9. Check out http://www.airdailyx.net/fsnewsbreaker/. As for Orbx, I believe the main announcements were Orbx Santa Barbara and Orbx Direct.
  10. Regarding the "Download via FTX Central" option, will that download an installer that can be run multiple times over time (such as when installing new P3D versions)?
  11. Ben did make the following statements in his original post:
  12. You can get a full refund for P3D within 60 days of purchase.
  13. It does appear about 7-8 hours worth of posts, made on June 9th, have vanished (including two of my own posts, I think). Looking at the Activity tab, it looks like all posts made between 12:11 and 19:24 GMT on 9 June are no longer there.
  14. No issues myself, the upgrade went smoothly for me, and I didn't notice any out-of-place textures in various regions of the world (so far). That includes NZSI and NZNI.
  15. The current Lancair download is now a quad installer, supporting both FSX and P3D (including P3D v3). I think the main drawback with ordering the DVD version, is that you'd also have to pay for shipping to Canada--which wouldn't be cheap. I just checked, FSS would charge AUD 17.35 for economy air delivery to my location (Arizona), ouch. FSS apparently doesn't offer an option for you to opt out of shipping altogether (that is, simply discard the DVD).
  16. Note that the Countdown Timer posted by JV, is now displaying the number of seconds since the sale ended.
  17. It said 11:59PM AEST, which is Australian Eastern Standard Time.
  18. One common cause is, the unwrapper/installer need to be unzipped first. https://flightsimstore.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles/691618-orbx-why-am-i-asked-to-insert-another-disk-
  19. As long as FSX-SE and P3D are on the same computer, it's fine to have your Orbx products installed into both--no need to pay for a second Orbx license. Just install your Orbx products into each of FSX-SE and P3D. Here's an official post from Orbx (John Venema) on this subject:
  20. Most third-party sceneries normally go above the FTX layers in the scenery library. For details, see page 45 of the Orbx FTX Definitive Guide available here. FTX Central, under Settings->Tools->Library Insertion Points, will allow you to specify the scenery library locations of the FTX layers in relation to non-FTX sceneries. No worries at all about being a "traitor"! I believe virtually all of us also have non-Orbx sceneries. In fact, there's even a FTX Compatibility forum here offering tips on using certain non-Orbx products (including some FSDT airports) with FTX/Orbx sceneries.
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