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  1. Hi there , I have an answer from Navigraph which is very important and also brings up an new Bug from the Sim produced by Asobo . Here is the answer from Navigraph : Re: A320 - LOWG Orbx wrong Runway for ILS 35 Report this post Quote Accept this answer Unread post by navdata » Tue Oct 20, 2020 3:07 pm Hi, as you see in the worldmap (also in your picture) - the correct runway-ident is 17C/35C ... but in the A320-FMC you can´t add any center runway because ASOBO forgets the C-prefix in the FMCs (not only in the A320, also in the TBM930 or B787). Thats not an Orbx issue, nor a navdata issue but due the missing C-prefix, the procedures (which are included for LOWG) can´t be assigned to the correct runway-ident - which is 17C/35C. In other words - sorry a bug in the sim. In worldmap the runway-idents are ok, but not in the FMCs - here the center-runways are all missing (KSEA, EDDF, LOWG, ... - all runways with a center runway). Sorry! Kind regards, Richard
  2. The Main Problem at the Moment is that the most A320 virtual Pilotes in MFS2020 use the FlyByWire A320 Mode who turns the game into an Sim . But this is an Mode and Navigraphs first reaction was , oh we dont support Mods. The Second Point is that the Navigraphs MFS 2020 AIRACS are in Beta Phase. Here is an very interesting Post in the Navigraph Forum about the Future Collaboration between FlyByWire and Navigraph . https://forum.navigraph.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10830&start=10
  3. I open an Ticket at Navigraphs MFS2020 Support Forum . Lets wait what they answer. https://forum.navigraph.com/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=10872
  4. Hmm, good Question . The FMS Database was based on the newest AIRAC Cycle from Navigraph . But i think the Position ofthe ILS Transmitter is a part from the Airport. Its the Point where it is ositioned in the Scenery .
  5. Good Morning and Thanks Nick , Here i can show u an Screenshot from FS2020 how the Airport and his Runway appears . And you can see the Problem also in the FMC . The Airac is the newest for MFS2020 from Navigraph. When u choose the Runway in the FMC the there is only an 35 . But in the Flightplan the Runway appears as 35L.
  6. Sorry - its not true . As u can see on the Airport Plan from LOWG there is another Runway 35L . And strangly enough the FMC only knows this . In FMC when u config the Arrival there is only one Runway and i think this is not the 35C rather there is the 35L.
  7. Youre right . But this behaviour you have on many other Airports too. I set this Point on my Checklist to insert it manually . But the Strange thing is that the FMC knows for LOWG only the ILS 35 and not ILS35C . It shows in FMC 35L .
  8. Hi there , First of all , thanks for this beautiful Airport. Very nice work :-) Yesterday while ILS Approach on the 35C i noticed that the ILS Path is too far left near the Runway. Is it an Problem from the Sim himself or from the Scenery ? Thanks
  9. When i start at Night in LOWI there are strange , maybe Streetlights inthe Sky . Please can u check this . Thanks Michael
  10. Hi together , I cant find an Option "Config" for LOWI MS2020 in the Controlcenter . I want to disable the 757 on LOWI Airport. Thanks Michael
  11. Can u give us the correct Layer ? And why Vector is not originally installed in the right Layer ?
  12. Same here , with Vector installed, P3D gets stuck while choosing the Airport or an Plane. Totally slow . At the Moment i uninstalled Vector and wait for an Hotfix from Orbx . Michael
  13. I think you post the wrong File in your Solution :-) I set the File "Westsim_LOWI_Placement_RockfaceBGL.bgl" to off and now it works :-) Michael
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