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  1. Thank You Misha having the same issue and followed the instructions you provided. Worked like a charm. Thanks LarryA
  2. Thank You EGE for the recommendation. Have a tendency to write down on paper what is install concerning Orbx. rather than using Central shame on me. I will take the advice and use the paper to doodle on. LOL. Again greatly appreciated. Thank You Larry
  3. Thank you very much for the link. Looking forward to many hours of enjoyable flights with the Sop. Always enjoy looking at the screen shots. Find them very interesting and motivating. Especially enjoy screen shots of Iconic birds. Thank You Larry
  4. Thank You Nick. I am being thick headed I win the " Dunce Cap Of The Year Award ". You and Ed are correct. Confusing P3D with Version 3. Time to get some sleep. Thank You Larry
  5. Great set of screen shots. May I ask who the developer is on the Bird? Thank You Larry
  6. Thank you Ed for the fast response not trying to argue. If I am reading the links provided below they are ready unless I am missing something. If so please clarify. KPSP https://fullterrain.com/product/kpsp and KBLU https://fullterrain.com/product/kblu Thank You and have a Great Day. Larry
  7. New to P3D v3.2 may be missing a step for the instalation? It is my understanding that KBLU and KPSP has the installer for P3D v3.2 am I wrong on the compatibility? Down loading and running the installers to make sure KBLU and KPSP would have the correct installers. Had no issues with other Orbx products. KSFF is "not" compatible Per Orbx Web Sight. Down loaded KBLU and KPSP from each server a total of eight down loads. When try to run the installers there is not an option for P3D v3. The installers are brown not blue if that makes a difference? My question is there a step I am missing? AV is disabled. Radio Button 01 On Next, Line 16: Argument 2 must be of type string. Stack Traceback: 1: (Radio Button 01 On Next) Line 16 in main chunk Thank You for the response. Larry
  8. Great video really enjoyed it. The music is the icing on the cake watched it several times. Thank you for sharing.
  9. Great set of screen shots & beautiful country. Really like the captions put a smile on this old mans face. Thank You Sir Larry
  10. Great group of screen shots & a beautiful bird
  11. Great set and a beautiful bird.
  12. "Lost for words" stunning screen shots.
  13. Beautiful screen shots and the music is perfect.
  14. Great shot "picture perfect."
  15. Great screen shots and enjoyed the video. Thanks for sharing.
  16. Great shots and the red Waco is a beautiful bird very good fit for the location.
  17. Another great set to enjoy looking at.
  18. "Don't" shut up enjoy reading the captions while viewing your great screen shots. The nice thing about being retired everyday is a Saturday. Thank You For Sharing.
  19. Very nice set of screen shots. Thank you
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