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  1. Fantastic news! Africa is an untapped market and Orbx are off to a head start. Well done!
  2. Well done to Orbx for your commitment to the African continent. Cape Town City Pack looks amazing! Will it also depict the outskirts or limited to the city only?
  3. OLC products are definitely NOT obsolete. For the first time, I have installed all Orbx products outside the sim in v5, and OLC Africa transforms my sim...the mesh is maybe not so much required, but Orbx LC data definitely makes a big difference....sim would be bland without it...Regards.
  4. Yes, Maybe my age, but a very confusing post..looks like existing customers of OLC Africa will have to download the freeware for the photoreal rendition of Etosha Pan...So if Cape Peninsula is now freeware, why did I buy OLC Africa? I fly for real in the area..Never been so confused....
  5. Good day. I have just read the topic around the freeware photoreal mesh for OLC Africa. I already have OLC Africa installed. Is this freeware for those who have not yet purchased and is a "preview", or is it something additional which I can add to my existing OLC Africa? Regards.
  6. Good day and well done to Orbx for compatibility of their products with v5. The question I would like to raise is why is Orbx Central still in Fastlane (Beta) for installation to v5? The message even tells me to not opt in if Central is "Mission Critical" as it could be less stable. Surely there should be an official release by now if most products are compatible? It just seems to be in conflict, and I tend not to load Beta releases. Regards.
  7. Try opening Central, OLC Africa, and clicking on "verify files". I initially has issues with correct installation. Seems caused by a download interruption. Verify files downloaded an extra 3GB of data. Regards,
  8. Hi, I don't have this issue. The only difference is that I have Vector installed....Looks like you have some "sink holes" there! Maybe Vector is the missing link?
  9. Hi. I had the same issue. Was caused by some interruption in the download. Open Central and LC Africa and click on "Verify Files". That fixed it for me. It downloaded additonal files (3GB worth) and the scenery library was updated. Regards.
  10. Good day and well done to Orbx with the release of their OLC Africa. I had a look through the instructions, but could not find reference to compatibilty with the various mesh products. I have FS Global Ultimate Mesh installed, but I see OLC Africa has installed its dedicated mesh above the FS Global Mesh in the scenery library (I have not installed OLC Africa to the addon library, but to P3D directory). How will the meshes interfere with each other? Could I untick the OLC Africa Mesh entry and it will then use the FS Global Mesh? Any inputs welcome. Regards.
  11. Great shots! Do yourself a favour and look around for some FACT airport scenery. I know of 2 developers. Will make your experince even better. And well done to Orbx for the release. Will download tonight!
  12. I can see Table Mountain from my home...the scenery looks true to life. Starting a 3 week "lock down" here. Would be great timing to be released now! Keep indoors, and safe!
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