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  1. I recently started flying X-Plane so the timing couldn't be better! Awesome job Orbx!
  2. It's the default lighting engine. All of those screen caps were straight from the "v" key. No addons or tweaks.
  3. Hi TTM, This is the default for Flight Sim World, a sim from DovetailGames which Orbx is developing the ground for. The clouds are provided by a feature called TrueSky which uses a volumetric skybox to simulate the sky. The shading is IBL or Image Based Lighting which refracts light off of the ground and clouds. Brad provided a link above, but be cautioned that it recently left early access and lacks some features and addons that are still being brought up to standard you see in the sky and plane models. You may be best to catch it on sale, as its price fluctuates quite a bit.
  4. Took an early morning flight from KAJO to KSFO. Cant wait to have the rest of the orbx catalog in this sim.
  5. I took my daughter swimming with them last week, and I have a new found respect and obsession with these creatures. They are truly a wonder of life
  6. Just incredible. It does look like XP, but I also recall John deciding against working with the LR team. This may be the greatest step forward in FS scenery we have ever seen
  7. The future of flight simulation scenery has arrived. This will be game changing.
  8. Beautiful John. Look forward to seeing ORBX take advantage of the new lighting options.
  9. Nvm, just saw this was a double post.
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