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  1. Great shots Adam, love fsx with Dx10 but can't get the Canberra to work with it. I get missing panels and no throttle response. I have a feeling the new tornado will be the same
  2. Love island hopping, so it would have to be the Caribbean islands for me
  3. Great looking product, looking forward to the release. Any chance the Australian Ai package will be extended to cover this area?
  4. Had to give up on 9.5, was great for sharper distant landscapes but found that a radius under the aircraft would be blurry which annoyed the life out of me. Think it's a know problem with increasing the LOD above 6.5
  5. Cheers for the suggestions guys, been hopping in and out of airports and strips in the areas mentions using real weather in ASN, great bit of country. Think PFJ is the way to go..... Cheers
  6. I spend most of my time flying in the UK, especially In and around my home airfield in South West Scotland but would like to get into flying in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest up in into Alaska with the challenge of terrain and weather. To get some inspiration, what is your favourite region and airport/ airfield in that area
  7. FSX SE with Steves DX10 fixer, love it and had no issues with any of my Orbx products. For me its a smoother experience all round
  8. Loaded Global without libraries into it this morning with no issues, installer found the correct folder on its own and everything looking good. Have all settings set to max which is new to me, no tweaks to the cfg and it's running smooth. Spent a couple of hours testing and really enjoyed flying online. So far so good, for me its a great improvement over the boxed copy
  9. Great video Ian, looking forward to seeing them display at Ayr in a few weeks time
  10. The mesh I'm using is FS Global 2010. I have FTX Scotland but it's not installed as I did a fresh install of Fsx for the release of OpenLC Europe. Had Ailsa Craig in view until I installed OpenLC and now it's gone. Guess it's a land class error where it's been designated as an area of water
  11. Downloaded and installed Openlc Europe today. Took of from my local airfield EGOY, West Freugh for a flight to EGPK, Prestwick. Flying up the Ayrshire coast I noticed the famous landmark "Ailsa Craig" island in the Firth of Clyde was missing from the scenery. It was there before I installed Openlc this morning. Also when taking off from the EGOY, West Freugh the concrete helicopter pads for the test range NE of the airfield are now ponds, and the airfield "Castle Kennedy", the concrete runways are also water where as before the install they were correct. All I have installed are FSX using Global, Vector and Global Mesh Apart from the above, loving the product. Cheers
  12. As long as you have at least 5 feet of visibility every flight is scenic. Great set of shots
  13. Look forward to making some tricky Scottish weather related landings in P3D soon, will do until Scotland is updated
  14. Cheers for that, look forward to giving it a try
  15. I thought Isle of Man was being released with Northern Ireland, take it that is no longer the case and we should instead purchase Earth Sim's version instead of waiting .
  16. Great set of shots, only one thing....your flying too high!!!
  17. Downloading as I type, been waiting for this moments for years!!!
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