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  1. My video for TrueEarth US Southern California SD for X-Plane 11. Cheers Filippo
  2. It does now: http://x-vision.pro/get.html Last version also supports 11.30 rc3.
  3. Orbx True Earth England Central. First hand-on with the newly released X-Rotors Leonardo AW-139 flying over West Yorkshire, from the private Crosland Moor airfield (EGND) to Huddersfield and M62 motorway, until Chain Bar Interchange.
  4. Very ugly, almost offensive, @FILOU LOL Just kidding, of course. Absolutely spectacular. You are by large the master of screenshots.
  5. @Graffix75, thanks for your reply. I am using exactly the same settings (x-Vision with Ultimate Realism + reshade 3.4.1), as you can notice yourself from my videos. From my first tests on 11.30b2, I can say that i am missing xVision already. While performance is decent or even slightly better than 11.26, terrain colors are more washed out, as they always used to be before xVision. As shaders changed, I am not sure xVision will ever release a new version compatible with 11.30. Let's hope for the best. Regards Filippo
  6. Great video. My I ask you if/which addons you are using to have such brilliant crisp colors and which GPU does you rig mount? Also, was this made with 11.26r2 or 11.30b1? Thanks
  7. My old 4GB VRAM GTX 980 suffers a little bit at EGHI with high resolution settings (time to replace it, if only I had money...). However, just outside the airport, performance is stellar, as usual with True Earth Great Britain South. Came a little too fast on threshold. I am always scared to be too slow and low while crossing M27, so I always end up touching down long on the runway. Hope you will enjoy.
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