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  1. It's not a Happy day, It is a day of remembrance.
  2. Hello John, I have never assumed what Orbx work load is or if things are easy or hard to do. All we have had is a post back in July last year that p3d customers will not be forgotten. Then you release a update for central to see v6. Now I would have thought that with the release of that update some products would be made v6 compatible to actually use it. Instead all we got again was silence. All I would like as a customer is an update (like you have just said above) every now and then, instead of dead silence on it.
  3. When will Orbx just come out and say that they will not be supporting V6. As said above it pretty obvious that they do not seem at all interested in it. Say it so we can just move on.
  4. Hi Rob, Good to see you are still around. I will try TAA over MSAA.
  5. I also went with the corsair 1600 psu, most I have seen in watt output is 650ish Temps flying in P3d, the max I have hit in stock is about 70 (with OC I was up around 90 at times). I hold around 30 fps, but everything is maxed out and even when the FPS drops (low 20's) it is still smooth. It is so far, set and forget for me. I had MSI in my old 8700k system but after looking at reviews I went with the ASUS board and I am very impressed. I did do a Bios update asap do take advantage of the newer XMP profiles. As Landon said go with the brand you trust.
  6. I just finished building my machine, Intel 12900k Asus rtx 3090 Asus Z690 Maximus Hero mother board 32gb G.skill Trident Z5 DDR5 ram I went with a corsair 7000D case and a Icue H170i Elite AIO cooler. Temps are good, heats up stock a little bit under high load (bench testing 95 deg C), this could be due to the thermal paste (just using the pre applied one). I have no extra fans yet and it is a massive case and cooler. Tried OC the systems using Asus Ai over clock and it put to much voltage through the chip in my opinion. To be honest I think it is a waste of time to OC this chip, as in stock it runs P3dV5 with out any issue with max sliders.
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