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  1. Today I just installed MK Studios Ponta Delgada LPPD. There is a hill on the left side of the terminal. The texture looks not nice its not the quality we expect from a professional designer. . In addition the airport surrounded area have a different colour compared to the whole island. Why not create a complete photo scenery. This island is not really big. regards Roger
  2. Hello Markus Thanks for your comment. I will apply the necessary configuration using the GSX menu. regards Roger
  3. Hello Experts I just installed your new Sandefjord ENTO airport. After a flight I docked to the terminal but the marshaller is placed into the building and only partly visible. Sreenshot is attached. Roger
  4. Hello Graham Coming back to the remaining AI Reborn faults if Orbx FTX Australia AI is concerned. I just made an AI Reborn update and there is only one remaining fault (probably missing PBR) on AUS AI Traffic. Only the FTX AU Airbus A330-200 have the invalid model file configuration in their aircraft.cfg. Can you pls. take care about this small issue ?? Thanks and regards Roger
  5. Thanks Graham for your fast response. So far not a big problem. I can wait until an update is available. regards Roger
  6. Hello Experts AI Reborn claims several (about 46) faults within the Orbx Australia and NewZealand AI example: Invalid Model file configuration for aircraft title = Orbx AI Beechcraft King Air B350 VH-FIX, model file cannot be found, model name AILRP is looking for= K:\PREPAR3D V5 ADD-ONS\Orbx LIBRARY\P3DV5\AI TRAFFIC AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND P3DV5\SIMOBJECTS\AIRPLANES\FTX AU RAAF Beechcraft B350\Model\beech_king_air_350_P3D.MDL.MDL K:\PREPAR3D V5 ADD-ONS\Orbx LIBRARY\P3DV5\AI TRAFFIC AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND P3DV5\SIMOBJECTS\AIRPLANES\FTX AU RAAF Beechcraft B350\Aircraft.cfg The fault is probably within the model.cfg which name should (I think so) beech_king_air_350_P3D and not beech_king_air_350_P3D.MDL If .mdl is written on the end this will cause a beech_king_air_350_P3D.MDL.MDL Can somebody take care about this fault ? with regards Roger
  7. Hello Nick Thanks for your fast support. I changed within the YBBN control panel to Photo Real Ground texture. Right now the runway is sharp but the ramp and taxiways are very poor. This is not really state of the art. I think the designer must do rework on this airport. We always compare with other airports. regards from CH Roger https://ibb.co/PMz8Hd9 https://ibb.co/GtWrDzH
  8. Hello Support I have unsharp runway surface at Brisbane airport. Almost the same problem on all runways. I attached a screenshot here: https://ibb.co/rtPFVWB regards Roger
  9. Hello Gentleman Thanks for your advise. I modified the insertions points as you advised. So far it works correct. Roger and regards
  10. I am looking for a list to manage the insertion points properly. Roger
  11. Hello Doug Many thanks for fast replay. I modifayed the insertion points and it works now correctly. The problem is: that the scenery insertion points or no more the same as P3Dv4. In my case there is still a unknown action which disturb my scenery insertion points. Is it Orbx Central ? Can you pls. check my screen shots about possible faults. Picture 3 and 4 shows right now changed positions. Picture 5 ist what I did manually yesterday. Do you have a lsi available where I can fix the positions as required?? with regards Roger
  12. Hello Experts I have serious elevation problems at LDDU (Dubrovnik) I installed Orbx Dubrovnik LDDU into P3Dv5 inside an extern folder called K:\Prepar3D v5 Add-ons\Orbx Library\p3dv5\LDDU Dubrovnik Airport. This folder contains Effects, -Orbx, Scenery and the add-on.xml. Beside many FTX airports I have installed Base Pack Vector openLC Europe Buildings, Terra Flora and Trees. So far ther is no other LDDU addon installed What could be the source of the problem. Just for info I did not have that problem in my P3Dv4 (screenshots attached here) regards Roger
  13. Hello Gentleman Thanks for your fast response. I will follow Nick Cooper's topic. regards from Switzerland Roger
  14. Hello Experts I installed all Global Range products into the new P3D v5 I can confirm that all my Orbx products installed into my P3D v4 works well and I have a faulty less good workingP3D v4.5 sim. I am started to build up the P3D v5 from the base. 0n the first steps to operate the new P3Dv5 I installed first my Orbx addons Global Base , Global LC Europe and EU Germany South and some FTX airports on top. Now I recognized that I have black squares everywhere except inside addon airports. If I de-install Global LC Europe the black squares are disappearing. Would could be wrong ? I it releated to the scenery positions or what other reason. Hope for help with regards Roger
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