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  1. I have done what you suggested, Nick. Ran FSX with your scenery.cfg file without a problem. Third Party and Orbx sceneries were in proper location relative to the "UT Exclusions for Default Scenerys" insertion point. The Insertion point designations and listings did not change in Orbx Central. Do you think there is any reason to delete and reload Orbx Central? Erasing the scenery.cfg file and running FSX resulted in a strange result i.e. the scenery.cfg file produced by FSX looked like an old version of a scenery.cfg file for my system. For example "Addon Scenery" was the first listing. You were correct the fatal error is still present. I am considering running the repair feature from the FSX Disc and/or installing a hard drive image I made about two years ago. The Administrator of RTMM and the MIsty Flying Club (MFC) has also offered to take a look at my system. He is also an expert. Will see how it goes. In the mean time all the Flying with MFC is in Alaska, eastern Canada, and the western US where I get no Fatal Errors. I want to thank both you and Doug for all your time and help. It was much appreciated! WilliamB "Ut exclusions for default scenerys"with the exception of pilots meshs which were below
  2. Doug, I did as you suggested and the insertion point list stayed the same. I am not sure why the drop down list is not changing. I was looking at the FSX Scenery Library. I thought that all the 3rd Party RTMM scenery should be above all Orbx scenery's. The only RTMM scenery that is above all Orbx scenery's In the FSX Library is Scenery Area 524, the Area that is the insertion point for Orbx Airports and Regions. All other RTMM Scenerys are listed below the Orbx OpenLC Scenery's. Other 3rd party scenery's are located below the Last RTMM Scenery and thus are also below the Orbx scenery listings. The order of scenery's in my FSX library follows: One third party Scenery-Area.524, Orbx Libs, Orbx airports, Orbx Freeware airports, Orbx Regions, NZ, AU2, OrbxOpenLC's, OrbxOpenLC Base, 3rd Party Scenery's RTMM, Anchorage Airport and Terrain, Aerosoft Beaver Mission Pack and Pier39, Tongass Fjords, UT Alaska,Default Scenery's, Orbx Global Vector, Pilot Meshs, Default Scenery's, Orbx Vector_AEC, Default Terrain. Don't know if this is helpful but thought I would list. Appreciate your efforts. WilliamB
  3. Doug, Scenery's areas [524], [398], [397], [396], [395], [394], [393], and [392] are scenery's listed from top to bottom of "Orbx Airports and Regions" listed in the insertion point list. Scenery Area 524 is at the bottom of the scenery.cfg file with the other scenery's occurring in numerical order in the scenery.cfg file. Scenery area 524 Is listed in the insertion below scenery area Of Orbx Airports and Regions. I searched the scenery.cfg file to locate the scenery areas shown in the insertion point list. If anything is unclear let me know. I am perplexed and look forward to a solution. Thanks, WilliamB
  4. Doug, I want to be sure I understand your images and recommendations: I am using the Scenery Library in FSX to show the order of scenery. Currently the order is not correct as most of the 3rd Party RTMM scenery is below Orbx OPENLC entry's. I believe this is because the insertion point listed is "RTMM-01-RTMM Object Libraries 1-2-3-4" the first scenery in the RTMM Scenery list. I believe this may be corrected when the insertion point for "Orbx Airports and Regions" is changed to "UT Exclusions for Default Scenery" (No. 378 in the Scenery Library in FSX) as you have recommended. When I click on the drop down arrow under "inserted below" I can only see 8 entry's. There is no way I can select an entry that is at no. 378 in the scenery listing. I did activate all UT scenery's listed in my FSX Scenery Library. What am I doing wrong? The first image (used to show the placing of Tongass Fjord Scenery's) also shows the higher archy (correct location of all scenery types? The last image shows the Insertion Point screen in Orbx Central. It indicates the insertion point for Orbx Airports and Regions should be "UT Exclusions for Default Scenery". It further indicates the insertion point for "Orbx Global OpenLC" should remain as currently listed-"Orbx Airports and Regions". Sorry I am not as conversant as I should be but the last time I worked with Orbx Central and the logic of insertion points was several years ago with the Older verision of Orbx Central. To your credit Orbx has automated most of what used to be done by the user. Thanks for your help! WilliamB
  5. Nick, I am interested in the change in the registry entry needed to assure acceleration can be activated. Do you have a reference to the registry change required? Do you think running the repair feature on the FSX disc offers the best chance of fixing the fatal error problem? I also did not mean to conflate or confuse the fatal error with scenery order but I did think scenery order or missing scenery that was called for by the processor could be part or the problem. I went to the Orbx Central forum as I thought it was the appropriate place. I did not realize you could address scenery order and Orbx Central issues. I will continue to work with Doug on it as I realize I am not very conversant with scenery order, insertion points, and how Orbx Central really works. Thanks for time and effort to help on this issue. WilliamB
  6. Thank you your reply Doug, I attached the scenery.cfg (9/3/2021) was created while I was trying to adjust insertion points. I accidently hit Orbx Airports and Regions which was placed in the "inserted below" below field. I believe Tongass Fjords was placed as the insertion point before my mistake. The OldScenery.cfg (8/31/2021) should show insertion points as they were before my mistake. I also included a scenery.cfg.backup-Orbx (1/9/2020) that was working well just after I setup of FSX. I appreciate your help! WilliamB scenery.cfg OldScenery.CFG scenery.cfg.backup-orbx
  7. Thanks Nick for that information. I did not think FSX 2006 was compatible with windows 10. Am I wrong in that assumption? A fellow on AVSIM responded to my placing the fatal error problem on AVSIM "Crash to Desktop (CTD) Forum". I mentioned using the repair feature on the FSX install Disc and he responded among other things that he could not get his FSX Disc approved for install and went to FSXSE instead. I am glad that microsoft still offers install appproval feature as I intend to continue to use FSX and may want a new install in future. Do you think scenery order could result in the fatal error problem I am experiencing? Thanks again your help is truly appreciated! WilliamB
  8. Nick, I have a question that you may be able to answer. I have my original FSX Discs. I think microsoft has discontinued the software approval program but I ran the 1st install disc and it looks like I can run the repair option. Do you think this could fix the *.dll problem and there is also possibly a problem with the bin files in the weather folder in the fsx directory. I noticed a wxmapping.bin file that could relate to the fact that the fatal error does not occur when flying in western NAmerica but occurs when flying in eastern NAmerica. If I run it the repair function could it negatively affect my FSX installation? My understanding is that the repair function only repairs affected files and leaves everything else alone? Thanks for your help. WilliamB
  9. I am trouble shooting a fatal error (listed under FSX support) that requires me to check/change scenery order. My version of Orbx Central is 4.1.39. I have a significant number of addon scenery's mostly RTMM, as I am a Member of the Misty Flying Club. When I access the insertion points under settings the drop down menus under "Orbx Airports and Regions" and "Orbx Global open LC" only show 10 scenery items with no scrolling feature. I need to access Tongass Fjords to place it in correct location. Should the drop down menu scroll and show all the scernery's I have? If not is there something I am missing? It has been a while since I have worked with scenery's and Orbx has done much to automate the process. I have never worked with the scenery configuration file. I recall an explanation of how to handle scenery and insertion points. If someone could point to that explanation I believe it would help me. Any help would be appreciated. WilliamB System: Win 7 Pro, i7-4790K, AMD RX580 8GB, 32GB Ram, FSX-10.061637.0, Orbx Central v4.1.39, Global Base Pack, Vector, Trees, Open LC North America, All North America Regions, Tongass Fjords,many Orbx Airports, Airport Pack, Many RTMM scenerys.
  10. Thanks for the weather.dll file. I copied the file and pasted it to the FSX directory and selected replace the existing file. Ran FSX and the fatal error was still present. Would that the problem were that simple. I don't suppose i could have copied it into the directory incorrectly? It is strange that the error only occurs in eastern 1/2 of Open LC North America? Your help is appreciated WiliamB
  11. I have been flying with the Misty Flying Club a virtual airlines that is part of Return to Misty Moorings website. I have been actively flying since before Covid. Flying started in Alaska and proceeded south down west coast of Canada and the United States. All Orbx regions were flown through. No problems occurred on any of these flights until reaching the Southern border of the US. On reaching San Diego our routes turned to the East. The fatal error occurred on a flight leg that flew north on the eastern edge of New Mexico starting in Dell City Muni (2ES) with stops at KCNM and KATS ending at Roswell Intl (KROW). The error first occurred enroute from 2ES and required a restart of the simulator. I began trouble shooting and found that any flight initiated at KCNM, KATS, or KROW caused the fatal error to occur while on the ramp. Further trouble shooting indicated; that if you draw a line on the Map north and south from Regina, Saskatchewan to Rapid City, South Dakota to Denver, Colorado-to Roswell, New Mexico all flights flown from airfields west of that line do not cause the fatal error and all flights initiated from airfields east of that line cause the error. Information given on error: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: fsx.exe Application Version: 10.0.61637.0 Application Timestamp: 46fadb14 Fault Module Name: weather.dll Fault Module Version: 10.0.61637.0 Fault Module Timestamp: 46fadb59 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 0001542f OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Information on error code: c0000005 indicates it can be caused when an APP calls a memory location that is not present or not larger enough. I have restored the computer to an earlier time to no effect. Any thoughts your may have as to cause of solution to this would be appreiciated. WilliamB System: Win 7 Pro, i7-4790K, AMD RX580 8GB, 32GB Ram, FSX-10.061637.0, Orbx Central v4.1.39, Global Base Pack, Vector, Trees, Open LC North America, All North America Regions, Tongass Fjords,many Orbx Airports, Airport Pack.
  12. I get an install hot key. Makes me feel stupid. Where are the products installed. I assume that all products that install are compatible with FSX:SE? Thanks you for your help. WilliamB
  13. Nick, I have attached a screenshot below. Let me know if this is what you needed. Thanks, WilliamB
  14. Nick, Yes but I will have to look up how screen images are taken. But first I may have misstated saying "no option" to download. It would have been more accurate to say it did not recognize my products for download. When you click on the download arrow on the top left of the screen it shows message "Download Queue-There are no products in the queue". I don't know how to get products into the Queue as this is automatic when P3Dv5 is selected as the Sim. On the left side of the screen there is a listing of my Orbx products-Global, Regions, Airports, other, Misc. An empty white circle is on the right of all product entries. Please let me know if you still need a screen image. Thanks for your prompt response. WilliamB
  15. I just completed setup of new Windows 10 64bit computer. I installed P3DV5 on an empty 1TB SSD to G:\LockheedMartinPrepare3Dv5. I created a separate G:\Orbx Central Library. Opened Orbx Central 4.4.14. Orbx Central recognized my Prepare3D installation and all my Orbx products. I downed all Orbx sceneries into the G:\Orbx Central Library. All Orbx Sceneries were installed in Prepare3Dv5 without problem. Worked well. My Question relates to issue with FSX Steam Edition. On the same computer I installed Steam on an empty 1TB SSD to H:/steam. My FSX Steam Edition was installed to H:/steam/steamapps/common/FSX. When I open Orbx Central it recognizes my FSX Steam Edition installation and my Orbx products but offers no option to download. What do I need to do to install my Orbx products into FSX Steam Edition. I noticed an April 30 post on this Forum regarding FSX:SE beta branch. It indicates Object Flow is compatible with FSX Steam Edition and all Orbx products are now compatible with FSX:SE. Is this something I should consider? Thanks for any help you can provide. WilliamB
  16. Doug, Thanks for your 2017 post. I went to the responses to your post. My problem is somewhat different. As I understand the registry fix documented in the responses causes the activation panel to appear. In my situation after loading Acceleration the activation panel come up. I am able to enter the activation code but then receive the error that I have exceeded the activation limit. It also gives me the option of activating by phone with a provided different activation code. Telephone activation center no longer deals with FSX. I am also able to chose the activate later option but only have 30 minutes game time. I will try the registry edit but my problem is not that the activation does not come up. Thanks WilliamB
  17. I just built a new computer in part because I wanted a more capable machine for FSX using Orbx scenery. Installed Windows 7 professional and an original boxed MFS Gold Edition purchased in 2013. FSX installed and activated with no problem. Acceleration installed but after entering the product key I received the following error: the number of activations for this product have been exceeded, try again or call Microsoft activation. I tried both and neither worked. As there was essentially nothing on my hard drive but FSX and the OS, I reinstalled the OS and FSX and Acceleration and the same thing happened. I have not used the software more than 5 or 6 times so I don't think the product activations should have been exceeded. There are many instances of this problem in various iterations on the net but I have found no answer that has worked for me. Any help with this problem would be appreciated. WilliamB
  18. Nick, I did as you recommended--ran FSX from the FSX icon and the program ran with no black screens. It could not find the Orbx directory which still resides in the renamed FSX old directory. I noticed when I unselect the Orbx Scenery in settings I don't get the "unable to find" errors. My RTX Central 3 does run, however. I thought I would try copying the Orbx files from "my backup" under the FSX Old directory follow your recomentdations in "how to install FTX products........" if you think that is appropriate. I also have a lot of Addons that reside in the FSX Old directory. I am wondering if I need to delete them and reinstall or follow similar logic to your Orbx recommendations? I can't thank you enough for your help. WilliamB
  19. Nick, Thanks for that explanation. I will proceed and let you know the results. WilliamB
  20. Hello Nick, Let me see if I understand your recommendations and rationale. I should rename the current FSX root folder. I should create a new folder with the original name of my FSX root folder in the same location. By same location: you mean same subdirectory? Is the new folder with the name of my original FSX root folder empty or should it contain the same subfolders and files as my original root folder? My root folder size is 207GB. I have never run a "repair" from my FSX discs. I assume the repair is run on an installed FSX program. I did look at the contents of my FSX discs and did not see a "repair" option. Does "repair" option come up as a choice: after install is initiated ie install program or repair existing installation? My Microsoft FS Gold edition contain 2 Flight Simulator discs and 1 FS acceleration and expansion pack disc. Thanks for your help. WilliamB
  21. Nick and Ken I appreciate both your replies and think Nicks instructions may help at some point. But my situation Is not a clean install on new computer. I need to get a working FSX program on my current installation. I believe the graphics files in my FSX installation are corrupted. Absent a fix for my FSX display problem I am stuck. I made an image of my hard drive in mid 2017 but have made hardware changes that make the recovery of that image problematic although it may come to that. Essentially the PDMG folks have good guidance for a complete removal of all the FSX program. Once that is done I would essentially be installing FSX from my original Flight Simulator Gold edition and acceleration discs on to a system that was clean with respect to FSX. Yes I would have to reinstall all my addons. It may be that some aspects of Nicks Orbx recommendations could make it easier to get my Orbx Scenery installed. I am taking this slow and trying to fully understand the process before taking any actions. Thanks for your help. WilliamB
  22. I am in the unfortunate situation of havjng to completely uninstall FSX and Addons/reinstalling same due to black screen graphics problem that as yet cannot be corrected. My FSX installation is quite extensive. I am following an article from www.precisionmanuals.com (PMDG) regarding complete uninstall/reinstall of FSX and Addons. It is unspecific regarding Orbx products. I am asking for advice on proper way to uninstall and reinstall Orbx Scenery that would help avoid problems? With FTX Central 3 having all my Orbx products and uninstall/install features would it be appropriate to use in this process? I believe the order of installation is Global Base, Golbal Vector, Global Mesh, followed by all other sceneries with Libraries last? Any thoughts on this process would be appreciated. WilliamB FTX Global Base fsso263487 FTX Global Vector fss0274088 FTX Global open LC N.A fss0407054 FTX S. Alaska, FTX Northern Rockies, FTX Pacific Northwest, FTX Northern California fss0293538 FTX S. California fss0500617 FTX open LC North America, Oceania--AU, NZ North Island, NZ South Island , from Orbx website Many orbx airports and North America freeware airports, TreesHD, Ultimate Alaska X, FS Global Ultimate, FS Global Ulimate NG, Tongass Fiords, many aircraft Asrock Z97M OC Formula MB, lntel i7-4790 CPU@4.00GHz, 16GB RAM, Samsung SSD 850 EVO 1TB, AMD RX 580 8GB Graphics Card , Windows 7 Home Edition 64bit´╗┐
  23. On further searching I found a post by Just Fly (Sept. 3 2011) with the same error as I encountered on leaving FSX after flying the Lancair, The solution was to disable files found in the ....Microsoft Flight Simulator X/Guages folder. The files were; Hobbs.gau, , Lancairhobbs.dat, and Lancair2hobbs.dat. I renamed each by adding ,off to the end of each file name and left the renamed files in place. This disables the Hobbs guage in the Lancair but the hobbs guage is critical to my enjoyment of the Lancair. Thanks to the Orbx personnel and the developer of the Lancair for this solution. WilliamB
  24. I recently purchased Orbx Lancair from the FlightSimStore: fss0533125. After flying the Lancair FSX the computer locks up on exit. I searched the problem on Orbx forums and found a post on the payware forum from Happywarrior75 dated December 17, 2014 with a problem identical to what my computer is having. I tried/checked all recommendations offered except reinstalling FSX on separate drive or different folder. FSX on my machine is installed on C:....Program Files (x86)/Microsoft Games/Microsoft Flight Simulator X. I am the administrator on my Windows 7 installation but also tried installing using the "run as administrator" option. My virus software and all other programs were closed while installing the Lancair. I have many Orbx products installed: FTX Global N.A fss0407054 FTX Global Base fsso263487 FTX Global Vector fss0274088 FTX S. Alaska, FTX Northern Rockies, FTX Pacific Northwest, FTX Northern California fss0293538 FTX S. California fss0500617 FTX open LC North America from new website Many orbx airports and the North America freeware airports. The location of my FSX has as yet not presented a problem with any Orbx product. Is there any new information on what may be causing FSX to lock up on closing after flying with the Lancair aircraft. At present I have uninstalled the Lancair. Any help you may provide would be appreciated. WilliamB
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