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  1. Do you mean before fixes (original folder and remove this file) or first apply fixes from Jarred and then remove file?
  2. I'm using cc cleaner weekly. I also did not install latest large update as I read it messes up with p3d. Error still there. Again terrain.dll indicates that there is an issue with scenery complexity/autogen.
  3. Yup it seems issue us present when flying from "outside" as gentlman above stated. I couldn't reproduce it when I spawned @ LOWI.
  4. No change either. Besides terrain.dll error has nothing to do with those files I believe as it comes from scenery/autogen. Temp files issues would cause errors in more places.
  5. Exact same time I'm getting CTD Keith. 4.4 OEJ, RT and crash, although I also loaded saved situation. Either time of day related or something else, really not sure. Such a shame though as I'd really like to fly in this beautiful airport.
  6. IN my case (approach from West, special circle to land runway 26 - still crash when circling to runway 26 from 313 NDB after I applied last "fix" for autogen. Terrain.DLL error, same as before.
  7. All I think I found the culprit LOWI installer (or vector update) set my mesh resolution automatically to 1M and I believe 5M is max without terrain.dll errors with ORBX I'll retry with 5m. Can you all check your res?
  8. Just a thought - did any of you having crashes went in and out of cockpit and did screenshots or just watched scenery from outside view and lot? In the past in fsx terrain.dll error meant overload of autogen and settings in general. I will fly same approach today but I'll stay in the cockpit. I wonder if the scenery is not too complex for p3d capabilities. And i don't mean 32 bit engine - i mean 11 year old engine
  9. I don't think it's possible. Isn't it coded in bgl file as separate file?
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