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  1. I am so happy to see you guys at Orbx are finally doing stuff for Asia! This region has been neglected for so long and it's great to see some TLC for it! This will definitely be a day-1 purchase for me as well as any other Asian stuff you guys are going to release! Keep up the fabulous work!
  2. Nice, I'm really enjoying these city packs! I really hope to see more Asian cities for MSFS such as: Bangkok, Thailand Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Seoul, Korea Jeju Island, Korea Da Nang, Vietnam Ha Noi, Vietnam Hong Kong Taipei, Taiwan Manila, Philippines Pattaya, Thailand Phuket, Thailand Busan, South Korea Daegu, South Korea
  3. Looks very nice! I love how sleek and modern it looks. But please do not make it subscription based. I would love to see Volanta include it's very own powerful flight planning built-in without having to rely on 3rd party like PFPX or SimBrief. I am looking for an all-in-one app that has a powerful and intuitive and visual flight planner like the one in MSFS, an EFB (like Aivlasoft EFB). I don't see a need to have the latest charts and nav data every month. I usually renew yearly. Which is why I hope Volanta won't rely heavily on us to have subscription services like navigraph to fully enjoy this app. I love the 3d views and how you can clearly visualize your entire flight plan! That is a huge feature for me personally, because I love all sorts of data, especially when it's represented so cleanly and well laid out. I hope it will also include SID/STAR and the approach in the 3D flight plan view as well.
  4. Yes, it's installed into the Community folder along with my other Orbx stuff. EGNM is the only one not working.
  5. Whenever I load up into EGNM, the default MSFS airport shows. However, other Orbx airports are working fine. Any idea why this airport scenery isn't correctly showing up?
  6. Not sure why there's a windsock appearing on the runway at CYBD.
  7. No X-Plane 11 version? Would love to see an Orbx True Earth Hawaii. That would be a dream come true!
  8. I have attached a photo to illustrate what's missing. I have also included the coordinates for the area that's affected.
  9. So there's no permanent solution to the black water? I want to be able to keep my detailed seasonal weather but get rid of the black water showing up at certain places, and does anyone have any ideas for the 2nd solution for non-winter textures to show up while flying in the winter?
  10. I have included a few screenshots with the coordinates of the exact areas where I'm seeing strange issues. 1st issue is taking off from KMSP, flying westward I see certain waterways where there are some black areas in the water. I have also recalled seeing this in other parts of the world as well. I saw this while flying in the UK with openLC EU and FTX England as well. 2nd issue is I have my sim set to Winter and when I am flying in Germany with openLC EU, FTX Northern Germany, taking off from EDDF and flying north, I encounter various random areas where there seem to be summer/spring textures. So as to why I'm getting these non-winter textures is beyond me.
  11. Good day Nick, so you recommend that I copy what I previously wrote into a new thread into the Compatibility section?
  12. This problem also exists for me on The Big Island. If any of you can see weird random morphing textures after deperating PHKO, and then flying towards northwards up the coastline, you will see this same problem around the island. It's been awhile since I flew around this area, but I've never witnessed seeing this problem before. I tried the fix that was mentioned in the FAQ and here, where I replaced the terrain.cfg with a backup, and ran FTX Central to let it re-add the necessary entries back and it's a no go, problem is still there. I even tried to reinstall my FSDT Hawaiian Airports and ran the FSDT Live Update to see if that would help, but nothing seems to fix this annoying problem. This is the first time I've encountered this while flying and so far, this is the only area I've noticed that this is happening. Could it be a problem with openLC NA or the scenery order is incorrect? I also tried to do a force re-migration on the unified lclookup in FTX Central as well. Strange thing is if I manually delete the terrain.cfg file, and let Prepar3D build a new one without running FTX Central, the issue goes away. But as soon as I run FTX Central to let it re-add those entries back into the terrain.cfg, the problem is back.
  13. Relax, no need for the attitude. Sorry if I missed a few things here and there. Certain information are spread all over the forum and internet. The chart also clearly shows that Hawaii is not part of openLC NA as well. There are a lot of things to read and some times people tend to miss certain pieces of information, but that doesn't give you the right to reply with a snarky comment like that. Don't be disrespectful to others. If you can't respond in a civilized manner like the others, then please don't respond at all. There's no need for that. It doesn't help anyone and certainly doesn't make the situation better.
  14. That's a big disappointment alright. I also noticed from looking at that map, that Hawaii is a part of Oceania? I thought that openLC NA would cover Hawaii?
  15. Originally it was #3 on the list, but for some reason openLC SA was #3, whats going on? I would hope to see that asia would be next, it's a very popular area that seems to be overlooked. I really hope that this will be the next openLC, and not antartica or africa, or unpopular areas that most simmers don't fly to or from. Could someone from OrbX please tell me what was the reason for the switch and is there an updated roadmap for the openLC packages?
  16. Now that openLC South America is almost done, will we begin seeing work being done for Asia? This is one of the most needed areas of attention. I fly a lot in this area and hope to see more love and attention to making this area a better place to fly in.
  17. I was wondering why this has shifted, it was suppose to be next, but it seems now South America will be next. Why is Asia lacking in attention when it comes to flight simming, there are a lot of flight simmers in this region as well, not just USA and Europe. When will we start to see more stuff from orbx for this region? I would love to see full fat regions specifically for SE Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Phillippines), as well as Korea and Japan as well. I know orbx does excellent work and I hope to see more developers take some time to give Asia a bit of attention too in terms of scenery and airports. I would love to see an orbx version of Hong Kong. I know FlyTampa has one, buth I think orbx can bring this area to a whole different level.
  18. Such a shame to hear the bad news about FTX Hawaii getting scrapped. I was so looking forward to this. Sigh.
  19. Very nice shots, are these taken from FSX of P3D? and could you tell me what plane that is in the screenshot? It has a black cockpit. Thanks for your hard work!
  20. Very nice, may I ask what plane that is and are those screenshots from P3D v2?
  21. Whats the difference between FS Global 2010 FTX Edition and FS Global Ultimate? I thought Ultimate was newer and better?
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