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  1. Thanks so much! Orbx makes this too easy! Yes, I love this plane! Orbx did a very nice job with this! Especially in P3DV4 Thank you! It's hard to pass up a screenshot of this scenery!
  2. Excellent! Thank you! I'll double check...yes I have all three.
  3. Found another set of missing PR near KTVL. I know we do not have the entire PR area around KTVL, but I believe these two areas should be there: KTVL Area LAT: N38 58.34 LON: W119 38.52
  4. Not sure if this was noted before, but I'm on my way from KFAT to KDPX and found what appears to be a missing PR Texture. I did verify the files before posting. LAT: N37 35.36 LON: W119 36.43 Top Down View
  5. Just tried again...seems to work much better now.
  6. I have this installed. It ran yesterday without any problems. Today, it is very slow to log into my account. I've had to close it several times (Task Manager) in order to try again. When switching to my various simulators (XPLANE to P3DV4), it appears to hang when 'Loading Products and libraries'. If it finally does connect, then the products load very, very slow. It's as if there is a server connection issue.
  7. Not sure if this has been reported, but flying from KRDD to KSFO over the western mountains, I ran into two black textures: LAT: N39 27.26 LON: W122 58.02
  8. Sascha, thank you. I did turn EA back on and I do see better scenery. I did try with HDR on and HDR off, and for me, HDR ON looks better on my system: EA and HDR ON and then EA and HDR OFF: I thought I would share this information as well. I definitely like both TE NCAL and TE Oregon. Even though I wish parts of it were a bit lighter, they are both great add on's for me. Now, if only TE Washington would go on sale...
  9. Is there any possibility of offering the winter version of TE NCAL, Oregon, and Washington? I know it's hard to believe (at least for me), that the summers are normally this brown and the winters are normally very green.
  10. Yes, that does look good. I'm not sure why I cannot get that... What time of day is that taken? Also, I assume this is in P3DV5 (HF2)...can you show your light settings (even if HDR is OFF). I would think I should be able to duplicate your pictures using the same time/date and similar lighting. I'd like to give that a try.
  11. Thank you Sascha, That is the best I could do...I did turn OFF HDR and the picture I show is the same. I did adjust HDR, with HDR on, the picture I show is the best I can do. It is very dark...so dark you cannot see the Autogen. Please, if there is anyway to lighten this up, it will display much better. Most of the TE NCAL and Oregon are very good...it is only these parts (the eastern mountain areas) that are too dark. I know I am not the only customer mentioning how dark this is...
  12. Well...I realized this is really in TE NCAL, which I also am glad I purchased it. However, my question still remains...I've adjusted the HDR settings, turned HDR settings OFF, and nothing I do gives me anything close to the top down satellite view. The scenery is so dark, that it is hard to make out the trees and any autogen. I have always been impressed with the Orbx products, but this just seems too dark (and the wrong color).
  13. I really like TE Oregon and I am glad I purchased it. But, I'm wondering why it is so dark? Here's a Top Down view of Mount Shasta in P3DV5 Here's a similar satellite view There is a huge difference. The P3DV5 is very brown while the satellite view is very green. Is there a way to lighten up the TE Oregon version?
  14. If you get past this and actually run TE Oregon, please let us know what you think...I'm considering this as well.
  15. Not sure this is the case for you, but sometimes the Addon message is hidden by P3DV5. I usually press the ALT + TAB key to cycle through the windows. Many times, the 'hidden' addon window appears.
  16. Thanks YoYo...just taking a guess, it appears they will offer different packages with discounts throughout July.
  17. In Orbx Central, when I click on TE Washington, I get an INCOMPATIBLE product warning. But, it does not show which incompatible products are installed! What does this message mean?
  18. Thanks Dadtom65...Just checked and I don't see any FlyJuly page in Orbx Central. Is there any other place that shows what FlyJuly is?
  19. I think I finally found the right settings...
  20. Great shots! Is this P3DV4 or P3DV5? I have this in P3DV5 and it is very dark compared to your screenshots above... I would love to get the brightness I see in your pictures!
  21. Thank you Dario. Your screenshots, as always, look great!
  22. That makes sense. I did just take a look and the file names in P3D have LOD15 in them...I would assume this means the PR is at a LOD15. As I don't have NCA for XP11, I'm not sure what LOD the HD version has...
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