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  1. Thanks guys! The SceneryTech landclass for Europe covers all of Russia, so it has good coverage of the Asian bit of the country (their products elsewhere in the world can be a bit hit or miss). Still, OpenLC coverage of the area would be awesome.
  2. Just good old Global here (plus SceneryTech landclass), but it still looks good. As far as I know the only airport in the peninsula in default P3D is Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (UHPP), but in avsimrus there is a compilation of smaller missing Russian airfields, including Ust-Kamchatsk (UHPK), where I attempted to land.
  3. *cries in 840M, 8 gigs RAM, 2 gigs VRAM*
  4. Splitting Asia into multiple bits was the original plan, so I support that. If the full treatment cannot be done, I'd prefer to recycle the existing textures all over the continent. PS: Don't forget the Pacific islands.
  5. I did a bit of flying around Lake Victoria and Kilimanjaro and yeah, it seems a bit too arid. I did set the sim date to January, maybe it's a seasonal thing? In another topic, I also think the OpenLC version of the Pacific coast of Central America is a bit too dry as well.
  6. So exciting to see the batches of new pics! Also a pleasant surprise, I thought you guys were all in lockdown.
  7. I don't like sand. It's rough and coarse and irritating and it gets everywhere.
  8. Thanks for the clarification, a bit smaller than I expected but all my points of interest are there
  9. It was announced that it would cover the Middle East, hopefully that hasn't changed.
  10. Can we make screenshot requests? I have a few Mauritius FIMP Kigali HRYR Salalah OOSA (specially the green bits during monsoon season)
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