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  1. Will we see sloped runways in your TE products? For example KSEA in TE. Since v5 supports it, would be doable?
  2. there is a post in the forums that tells ya how to do it step by step. use the search function. Also, on the main home page, its in the top right corner.
  3. So, regions like PNW, SCA and etc are full "fat" regions and are essentially Base, Vector and LC. The point of LC NA, Vector and Base is to enhance areas that are not fat regions.
  4. so you want to keep 4.0 and 4.2 separately? That wont work. Any reason you skipped 4.1? If i remember right, you can only have one active P3D not two per system.
  5. if you would want it to be a airport, it would need a bgl and as they are closed, why would they be included? Although i do agree that there should at least be the visual left overs of strips or whatever else is left over.
  6. What is strange is your way of asking for help... Could really use some important details which are missing.
  7. So we have HD trees, regions, airports and all that nice stuff. HOWEVER, it would be nice to have the roads look a little nicer. Would it be possible for ORBX to tackle roads and give us Roads HD? I love flying into ORBX regions, but then i see these bland roads
  8. not saying someone would, but i would not post your email address in the forums... i would pm Nick. Less risk of someone spamming you or whatever else. Just a security thing.
  9. things to do to avoid OOMs: 1) stop thinking you can push anything and everything at the same time. 2) get a 64 bit sim 3) balance add ons.
  10. i know, and have done that already, but then it messes with FTX Centralv3. I would like to keep that intact if possible.
  11. Love the AI traffic, However, can you have it in its own folder either in ORBX or simobjects? I am not a big fan of having it in the simobjects/airplane folder. I know, i am OCD, but please consider. Thanks
  12. So, your asking if you were to buy (for example) fly tampa YSSY, can you install it into FSX SE if you have ORBX? -Yes, you can. You can install any scenery you wish in combination with orbx.
  13. First off, KSAN was amazing, seriously. Now, with 64bit architecture, KSEA could use some ORBX love. I know Taxi2Gate has a version, and its okay, but it is what LatinVFR is to KSAN.... Anyways, hope you consider it, Mike
  14. is your scenery library in the correct order? do you have the latest libraries?
  15. When does it become blurry? When you load up in the default C172 does it become blurry or is it blurry when your in jets or faster airplanes? What are your computer specs
  16. you do realize blasting through ORBX scenery in an F22 is not what it was designed for right?
  17. do you see an ORBX folder in your sim directory? When you go into your scenery library, do you see anything with ORBX in there? Also, first and last name is required i belief for support.
  18. I lived in San Diego for many years, seen that flight take off and land a few times. Anyways, 9/10 times they parked at the very end (look at picture). Again, no clue what gate it is thou. ttps://gyazo.com/30d8091738ff96801bf6527591327579
  19. i would like to add to that question. What get ticked when one has two option? For example at KSAN. do we check SOCAL or openLC NA (when one has both)? Didnt mean to hijack the threat, but i thought it was applicable.
  20. sorry for the missed replies. Post a screenshot if you have an event viewer report. If it is a crash where everything closes and no report is generated, its a bit harder to determine what is the issue.
  21. What does the crash reports say? (Event Viewer)
  22. sry,first and last name is in PMDG... surfing too many forums lately. Anyways, the advice is spot on, something, somewhere is giving you duplicate results. Like Nick said, search the folder and remove it. Give me a screenshot of your top of your scenery library and your library insertion points in FTXCv3.
  23. I use it, and have not noticed any issues, I own quite a few orbx products and have zero issues with incorrect info.
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