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  1. I did a first flight to LDSP today. Very nice scenery. However., I can confirm the high amount of VRAM the scenery allocates. Was in my case about 5.5 GByte. Well, it does not hurt me, because of that I have 11GByte available. But it is a lot for such a small airport. Ruediger
  2. The backtrack area at the threshold of rwy23 is missing. P3D V5.1 HF1, Orbx Base, LC, Vector installed. Ruediger
  3. I connected Volanta to my Navigraph account in order to use the latest data for the map. The connection was succesfully done according to the Volanta user messages. But the Map mode still indicates cycle 1908. I revoked and re-connected the connection to Navigraph several times, did not help. Ruediger
  4. Solved! Unfortunately the transformation process from FTX Central V3 to V4 did not care about the insertion point as it was set in V3. I re-defined the insertion point in V4 now and FTX Central was asking whether it should reorganize the sceneries. Perfect, now sceneries are in the same order as they were before. Ruediger
  5. Insertion point was set in FTX Central V3. I assumed that the transformation to FTX Central 4 would care about it. Ruediger
  6. I did the FTX Central 4update now and installed Edingburg . EGPH works now. 'The winner takes it all', alle FTX seneries now on the top. Scenery sequence messed. Some airports, e.g. EDDP, currently not usable (elevation problem and terminals disappeared. FTX Central did not care the insertion point as it was set with FTX Central 3. Well, all was my fault I should have stayed on FTX Central 3 and not buy a new Orbx scenery. However, some help would be appreciated to get the flightsim back to the sate as it was before. Ruediger
  7. I know about the new installer. However, I did not install it because many people seem to have problems with the new FTX Central. Mixed up scenery sequence after installation. Ruediger
  8. Today I bought EGPH for Edingburg. The airport got enabled in FTX Central , indicated as not installed. Installation not possible. Message: 'There are no downloads available for this product'. Let's say that I'm not very amused :-( Ruediger
  9. Unfortunately could not isolate the problem. Seems that it has an other reason the HDBuildings. Thanks for your help! Ruediger
  10. I could have come up with that myself ;-). I will test it tomorrow. Ruediger
  11. I got black buildings at the sourondings of the Aerosoft Genua Airport (LIMJ). The airport buildings are ok. Most buildings of the city are black. I have deleted the shaders. Did not solve the issue. Ruediger
  12. I did some tests in the Barcelona aerea and some other heavy airports in south of Europe. For LEBL I have installed the Aerosoft Mega Airport Barcelona professional, and Orbx Barcelona Cityscene. On global base the Orbx Base Pack, Vector, and OpenLC are installed. Simulator environment: 8700K, 5GHz, 16GB 3200, 1080TI, 3 data projectors. Active Sky was updated for P3D v4.5 compatibility. P3D V4.5 Client only update. Test results even with the performance demanding Orbx Barcelona Cityscene were perfect. Nothing what I could complain. Then I went to some German airports. Catastrophic results! Frankfurt (EDDF) with Aerosoft Professional runs only with 11fps. I did some investigations and unchecked the Orbx EU Germany South in the scenery library. Frame rate jumped back to 27fps!!!. Same in Hamburg (EDDH) with Orbx EU Germany North. Of cours with P3D V4.4 their was also a performance inpact with the Orbx EU Germany sceneries, but far away from those numbers. Ruediger
  13. The installer has put the FTX_AA_LDU in the sceneries above all the FTX stuff, but below the FTXAA_ORBXLIBS. Is that correct? Ruediger
  14. I also did not find that Dummi.DDS in the texture folder. Ruediger
  15. I have the same problem. Landed in LDDU some minutes ago, textures have been black in some areas, some are flashing. All ORBX products and library up-to-date. I have installed P3D V3.3.5 Ruediger
  16. I have the same problem. Landed in LDDU some minutes ago, textures have been black in some areas, some are flashing. All ORBX products and library up-to-date. I have installed P3D V3.3.5 Ruediger
  17. I have the same problem. At the very end of the installation procedure a failure message comes up. After I quit the message the installer finnsed it's work and says 'Installation completed'. No entries in the scenery.cfg. I run the installation procedure 3 times. Always with the same result. Flight simulator: P3D V1.4 Please help! Ruediger
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