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  1. Thanks for your efforts. I'm not sure about others but I had two pods of this building anomaly. The one by the docks is good now. However, there is also a grouping by the refinery. Here is an image. Additionally, if Sydney City is placed above FT YSSY it eliminates many of the FT custom building models near the airport. The traditional method of the airport above the city would be preferred (the FT photo bgls off is fine). Can you work with the autogen (like what was done for the Florida airports and TE Florida), and a few buildings in the large CE file to provide a better solution? There is autogen placed on a fair amount of the FT custom housing and buildings currently. Happy to provide images... It sure would be greatly appreciated. One more..., the elevation for the YRPA pad is set at 10000 meters. Sydney is a great product no doubt. Thanks for the release!
  2. I'm very enthusiastic about this product! Thank you for committing to it!! 95% of my time is spent with Prepar3d V5. I will visit the MSFS world once a week for a short flight, but always return to P3D. MSFS is far from where it has the potential to go. I just can't get past that less than half of the world is even remotely attractive. Some day, when MS actually delivers the whole world, things may be different. Thanks again for continuing your development for P3D!! I'm grateful!
  3. You all are too kind! Thanks much!
  4. Random captures from the V key... PNW, OLC, SoCal, Global base, Gold Coast, etc.
  5. All of these screen shots are winners! Amazing what we are able to experience in sim theses days!
  6. Experiencing performance issues in v4.5 also. EDDF and EDDB are losing 40-50% frames. Don't have time to troubleshoot currently, so went back to v4.4 for the near term. Bonus though, the object load time issues for the scenes like Orlando and Gold Coast were resolved in v4.5!! That's cool!!
  7. Glad to share. The missing Disney scenery was a result of the Orlando.bgl file located in p3d/scenery/NAME being turned off. Don't remember when or why I did that! :-) The missing white OCCC building is an LM creation which is there if you leave the LM Orlando scenery active. Although it sits on top of the orbx building that replaced it. Enjoying this nice addition to my sim experience! Thanks.
  8. Thanks, library order and stock Orlando inactive are confirmed... I'll keep hacking away at it. Would appreciate other ideas if anyone has any.
  9. Yes, complexity max. Good call on getting dev input. Thx!
  10. Sorry, thought it rather obvious... I'm comparing my rendering with the images from various posts on the board. For instance, in this great thread capturing points of interest. My rendered scene is different. Look at the convention center complex in ba43's first image. The beautifully created white building in ba43's shot is replaced by, what appears to be, autogen in my sim. Orbx uses a very nice capture of the structure in one of the marketing pieces on the product page. In the Magic Kingdom shot from ba43, you can clearly see space mountain and Cinderella's castle; both missing in my sim render. Let's start there. Should I need to do more legwork I will.
  11. Transaction id entered in profile. Can I get support, or is there still something missing?
  12. My Orlando seems to be missing scenery objects; convention center, castle, space mountain, epcot. I've done uninstall/reinstall and verify files, I need suggestions please. Thank you! p3dv4.4, olcna.
  13. Thanks for the votes, greatly appreciated! I don't think I have a winner, but it is great fun trying. There are a TON of folks that have a great eye for content, lighting and color here.
  14. Hey all, I'd like to submit my entry to the March screenshot contest but I have a little analysis paralysis; I like all four. ) Care to help me select one? I think the lighting in the last one might be best. Anyway, thanks to the Orbx team for hours of great fun!!!
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