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  1. Hello, I have bought LPPD via Orbx (both updates installed). Always, when starting the sim, the scenery asks for enabling again as if it has been newly installed. I send the ticket to MK Studios support one month ago, however, they do not react... Can you help me, please? Thank you, Jan Chudoba
  2. Thank you Nick! After deactivating BM no change. After BM complete uninstall it is ok. Does that mean that there can be a compatibility issue between BM and Orbx? Jan
  3. Hello, I am experiencing a very unusual issue with ground in place of water (see the picture). It is close to Dubrovnik (LDDU-LDSP flight). I do not use any 3rd party mesh. The 5.2 is a clean install after 5.1 uninstallation. All Orbx sceneries and regions that are allowed to be installed in the library outside the sim, are installed there (the same SSD disc I use for P3D). I do not use Orbx vector (use the Black Marble one). After all common remedy actions (synchronization via Orbx Direct etc.), I tried to delete generated files. Before Orbx sceneries reactivation the problem was gone. After xml reactivation the issue is back. Can you help me please? Thank you, Jan
  4. Hello, I am experiencing an issue with Ireland region installed (see attached pictures). It is very close to Dublin airport. Installed addons: Orbx - Base, Vector, open LCEurope, Trees and Buildings and Ireland. Plus, FS Global Ultimate 2020 and MK Studios Dublin. I tried to gradually uninstall MKS Dublin, then FS Global Ultimate, and then Vector. Did not make any change. When uninstalled the Ireland Region, the problem disappeared. Weird. Can you explain me where is the problem, please? Thank you, Jan
  5. Hello, the scenery is nice and interesting, with a reservation about the dynamic lighting. 1) I notice dramatic performance drop when DL is active at night (tested with AS A330 and PMDG 737 NGXu). I don’t have this problem at other airports. 2) The lighting seems to me too over lit/aggressive. Is there any solution? Thank you, Jan
  6. Hello,I have noticed a big sea-elevation issue after installing the FSDG St. Lucia airports (please look at attached pictures).I tried to:Uninstall-reinstall - no changeInactivate the ORBX Vector TLPL and TLPC bgl files - no changeWhen I uninstalled the St. Lucia scenery completely, the problem was gone. I have contacted FSDG many times, however, they say they do not have experience with such issue and that the problem must be coming from different addon. After many attempts I found a complicated, but provisionally working solution.There must be a massive conflict with ORBX Vector.Using the Lorby-SI AddonOrganizer_P3D_V4, I tried to move the addon lower and lower down the scenery library (in case of Lorbys tool there is visible and adjustable the mix of both addons and regular scenery library). Finally, I made a discovery that if I put St. Lucia bellow the Vector (look at attached picture) and on top, make the Vector files ABP_TLPC.bgl and ABP_TLPL.bgl inactive, the problem is gone.A little complication is, that after running the FTX Global Vector Configuration Tool (e.g. after new scenery installation) I have to open Lorbys tool and put St. Lucia below Vector again.Is there any way how to solve the conflict, please? Thank you, Jan
  7. Dear Nick, thank you for your quick answer. Unfortunatelly, it did not help. I have found a DX047011.dll instead of N47E011.bgl (actually there are DX files only in the folder). I tried to "off" it as recommended, but without positive effect. I also tried to change the mesh resolution from 1m to 5m, but no change. Would you have any other idea, please? Thank you, Jan
  8. Hello, after installation of LOWI airport. the scenery elevation is ok, however, the surrounding terrain (banks and fields) is changing its elevation when taking off or landing. Addons I use: P3D V4 + FTX Global base + openLC Europe + FTX Global vector in combination with FS Global Ultimate DL. I have installed everything properly, I am using Airport elevation corrections after new scenery install etc. (receipt number is 5bb0f2aa81e02) Please, could you help? Thank you, Jan
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