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  1. Ah, my signature is old. Really 1050 3gb which "works" but have to reduce resolution demands. As another in another post shadows may be a culprit. At several thousand from the shadow really are tough to see anyhow. Thanks all....
  2. V5 shows an error that indicates that I have run out of "video Memory". I assume that is the video card memory. So, my question is, what are the most likely adjustments/sliders that can contribute to this error? I already have 3 old video cards setting on a shelf. In today's conditions I can't add a fourth.
  3. When I load P3D V4.2 I get the following error. Checked and file structure is ok and two BGL files are in the folder. If I ignore the error everything loads ok.
  4. Isn't nVidia's only sound relationship is when you use the speakers builtin to the monitor? I have used that at times when I am streaming TV and the full range speakers make dialog difficult to understand. The restricted range of monitor speakers makes speech clearer. Anyhow, I would look at the control panel for your audio. A popular audio scheme is from Realtek if you are using motherboard audio. I had this "kind" of an issue and new Realtek audio drivers fixed it. Who knows, there may be some weird link between nVidia and motherboard audio systems. Also, right-click the speakers symbol in lower right corner of the display (notifications area) there you can select playback devices. Then select your "playback device", right click on it and set to default device. That is a shorthand instruction but you should be able to stumble along.
  5. My credit to longevity is the many hours working INSIDE a computer. Mercury delay line memory, high voltage and radiation from thousands of watts of those funny glowing glass things prepared me for the rigors of the Internet. Exercise was mounting the the steel tapes on their drives. Musical entertainment was the screaming actuators hitting the paper against the spinning wheel with all the numbers and letters. And, finally the inoculation against cancer by using gallons of now-banned chemicals to clean the surfaces of spinning storage units. In case you are to old to remember it was a Univac-I. Dick -- not Nixon or Cheney
  6. Problem is some vendors eventually present an update with truly nice and/or required updates. If you have to been entering updates all along then there may be a need to run X updates just to get to the required update. Microsoft used to do that. However, now they offer all-inclusive updates that contain ALL the stuff you ignored. I appreciated that when reinstalling Windows 10 from disk that was not up-to-date. Dick
  7. I had a model-28 as a console for Univac-I non-personal computer with tubes. Could field strip it or even replace those gla ss bottles with dim orange lights in them. Had to wear a suit on day-shift. UGH
  8. THANKS _a small thing but now I can fly locally to proper airports. Arnold Palmer to Rostraver, to Allegheny County back to Arnold Palmer. Dick
  9. Question: Was Central used for installing items that did not fully install? What process did you use to reinstall? Was only one reinstall needed? Thanks, Dick Grew up with WW-II. Remember VE-Day. Everybody out on the street. I joined in by smashing a glass on the sidewalk. Sort of put a damper (coal furnace) on the day.
  10. It worked - eventually. I just unselected the Dynamic trees thing but no change. I then began going to different regions, no luck. Seasons, no luck. Once again uninstalled ORBX trees looked the same. Restarted P3D, no luck. Went back to my local airport after another restart and the trees ALL looked proper. I can only guess that some clever programmer stashes away some scenery info to make his stuff load faster but he/she only uses the stash on odd numbered restarts. Hope my meds arrive in the mail from India today... Dick
  11. The Eastern USA trees are light in color but should be darker. It is probably my system settings but I have not found any way to change the color. Is this my system or are all the trees in this region like this? Dick
  12. Is moving ORBX products from 3.4 to 4 as simple as copy/paste and placing their links in the proper order in the Scenery Library? Dick
  13. KCGX & LOWI AFS2 versions updated What is AFS2?
  14. Thanks Nick. A matter of scrolling down far enough. Big plus is that the list is easily searchable and well laid out. Dick
  15. I have looked at that section and all I see are airports (fully treated) beginning with AYEO and ending with BOB. There is no list of the hundreds of partially improved airports. Sorry if I am so dense but my PC/browser could have issues.
  16. I see this notice " Freeware titles available for P3Dv4* " and wonder - where is this freeware? Is it the several airports fully treated or the dozens that have been partially enhanced? I click on freeware and can see the former but there is no mention of the latter???
  17. A computer caused mine. I began life working on Univac computers and I had to adjust the actuators on a high speed printer while it was running. No Bose headphones - nothing. The printer literally screamed as dozens of actuators operated at very high repetition rates - electromagnet devices making an arm strike an inked ribbon forcing the paper/ribbon against a spinning cylinder with letter and symbols embossed on it. I guess I could sue the estate of Eckert & Mauchly.
  18. I did a screen grab with the "grabber" set to only medium resolution so first picture is not what I really see. It is very tempting to fly close but, as noted, it is not going to look good.
  19. Near Bozeman. Almost all vertical, or semi-vertical stuff is probably just a 1x1km chunk of landclass laid on the mountain. So the only thing that can happen is a stretched result. I was wondering if anybody knows of any work that would allow laying a 1x1 tie on a conical surface with no stretching.
  20. P3D/FSX have not evolved to eliminate near vertical surfaces from looking like slime was poured down their side(vertical plane). Is this a hopeless anomaly or has some clever graphics person devised a way the show the proper surface?
  21. The water is fine. Especially in Orbx Regions. Increasing the cost (buy bigger video cards) is not something I would ever do to take water to a higher level of reality. It is just not worth the money given it is a good display now. I agree that waterfalls need work. Resolution and lighting are weak.
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