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  1. All, I haven't been active for quite a while due to more important family circumstances. However being back and "flying" again in Prepar3dv5.1, I noticed the following in the order of the scenery library: FTX OpenLC Scenery Global Vector OBJ Global Vector CVX FTX Open LC Scenery AFRI Global Vector EXX FSGlobal Ultimate 2020. Is this the correct order as it differs from the order described in the FTX Guide I have so far used as my reference? I did not encounter a problem so far. If this is not the correct order, could someone help me to change it into the proper one? Thanks very much Regards Hans
  2. Hello, I just installed ORBX Central. I was one of the people who complained about the new ORBX Central a few months ago and went back to FTX Central till the problems were solved. I tried again and am now very happy with ORBX Central. It works for me. Thanks for your support on the issues I encountered. Regards Hans
  3. All, Now it works! Should have read the instructions more thoroughly. It is not that difficult, ha,ha. Loading times are also faster now compared to Central 4. I noticed that in add-on in P3D there is an ORBX\scripts\buildingsHD. Is that correct or is that a leftover from ORBX Central 4? Hope the "real" Central 4 is coming soon. Anyway in the meantime I can continue to explore the flightsim world. Regards Hans
  4. All, I am back to FTX Central 3. It took a day, but it felt good, till I started P3D and noticed that FTX scenery is not in the scenery file. I am not sure it has to do with me making the wrong symbolic link. One might think that is easy to do, but not for me apparently. The amount of diskspace needed for Central 3 is 360 Gb i.s.o. 409 with Central 4. So the difference I expected is not that big. I'll continue struggling with the symbolic link. Regards Hans
  5. All, You have convinced me. I'll go back, or at least try, to FTX Central 3. A lot of extra work and no buying of ORBX products till the problem is really solved. Positive point is that with FTX Central 3 less disk space is needed. A point which I see as very important. Regards Hans
  6. Hello, That happened to me as well. When I first start REX Environment Force and the P3D there is no problem with the shaders, though. Regards Hans
  7. Hello Nick, You are the sensible one of us two. I think when something new it is better and the scenery will be even better, alas. Will there be help around the corner soon? Regards Hans
  8. All, Last report. The scenery is also incorrect. I see the result of the wrong sequence appear in the scenery. Regards Hans
  9. All, Everytime I open "scenery" in P3D, the entries that can move are placed somewhere else in the sequence. It seems that the assignment of the sequence order is very unstable. I hope this helps to find a clue of what is happening. To me this looks like a serious problem. Regards Hans
  10. All, The next update. Of the three addon scenery files I have added to P3D only one shows up. The others don't. I don't see the logic of what is happening. Regards Hans
  11. All, To give you an update of what I have done so far. I thought I'd try to add a third party addon scenery file in "Scenery" of P3D. When I did that it seemed to accept it, when trying to locate it, I could not find it. So I tried again. The remark was that it already existed!! Where would it be then? I don't see addon scenery as an insertion point anymore. This is getting frustrating. All my new airport enhancements are not being displayed. What to do next. Regards Hans
  12. All, I just installed update 4.04. Seemed ok, however when I openend P3D, all my addon scenery files are gone. They are still in the p3d directory but not in the program. So I have under scenery library: ORBX files and default files and under addon scenery only ORBX files. Strange. Do I have to install them anew? Regards Hans
  13. Hello Nick, You don't experience the messy looking scenery sequence as mentioned in other threads since yesterday, while the program is working fine? What I also noted is the increase in diskspace needed probably due to the many duplications. In my case it amounts to 409 Gb. It was much less with FTX Central 3. Regards Hans
  14. All, I have the same problem. Though I don't know whether it is a real problem. I checked the scenery at different places and everything looks fine, no signs of a wrong order of the scenery layers. What I noticed whenI opened the scenery library in P3D the sequence looks messy, there is no logic in it and it looks not at all as the layer build up as described in the ORBX Guide book; it is also impossible to move the files up and down to get to the layer sequence as shown in the ORBX Guide. However when opening the add ons in P3D, only the ORBX files which are unmovable in the scenery library, show. Also the scenery.cfg shows only addon scenery from non ORBX parties, while the add-ons.cfg shows only the ORBX files, perhaps it is not as bad as it looks, but to me it looks very illogical. Regards Hans
  15. That is my conclusion as well now. The only improvement to achieve is via adjusting the settings and framerate friendly planes. Regards Hans
  16. Hello Nick, Great. Thank you very much. That is exactly the answer I was looking for. Regards Hans
  17. All, Thanks for your replies. By loading times you mean initial loading times not during flight. So what you are saying is that loading during flight from a HD, which is separate from the SSD P3D is on, is as fast, or slow, as loading from the same SSD with P3D installed? Am I correct in this conclusion? Regards Hans
  18. All, I am looking for advice to increase the FPS by installing a new SSD. My set-up is 2x 500 GB M2 SSD plus a 3 TB harddisk. I have windows 10 and REX on 1 SSD, P3D on the other occupying almost 300GB. Addon Scenery and ORBX scenery on the Hard disk linked from P3D. I have a NVIDIA 1080Ti and a i7-7700 processor. It works all right with TE Netherlands out when I fly a heavy aircraft like the DC-8 in and out of Amsterdam or London. If I don't switch TE Netherlands off, I still can fly but with very low framerates; studdering when scenery is being be loaded. I had to go this way of using the harddisk because the SSD was too small to contain all the scenery plus P3D. I would like to fly even heavier aircraft and I think I need to get rid of the link from the SSD with P3D and the harddisk. I am considering to buy a 2 TB SSD and connect it with the Motherboard via a SATA cable. I will the use this SSD for both the scenery, AddOn and ORBX, and P3D. I don't have a slot directly on the motherboard left. The harddisk will then be used for other not flight related files etc. My reasoning is that everything which is needed during a flight is on the same disk and should therefore give a vast improvement in fps , i.e. better performance. Am I right in my reasoning? Is this the best way to go? Thanks in advance for your advice Regards Hans
  19. Hello Nick, I see the first picture. What happened? I don't understand why I had the situation which started this discussion with the same files active. Very strange. One can say it's been solved, but it remains very strange. I don't understand this. Thanks very much Nick Regards Hans
  20. Hello, Yes I saw that. I could not find any other possibility and as I have had positive results with other FSX airports, I thought I'd give it a try. I did uninstall it as it indeed did not work. Leaving me with the same problem.
  21. Hello Nick, I had restored APX50150.bgl when the pictures were taken. I also had no add-on installed. The one I tried was: Kloten/Zurich Airport (LSZH) Switzerland by Ray Smith. Thanks
  22. Sorry Carlos, I thought of doing it the easier way and assumed that a description would suffice. Here are the pictures with the ORBX files turned off as per your suggestion. By the way, I did run the AEC tool and pushed the apply button. I also checked the compatibility forum. But I could only find issues with regard to add-ons. I don't have add-ons of the providers mentioned. I have installed: Vector, OLC Europe, Germany South and FSGU-NG. Regards Hans
  23. Hello Carlos, The problem is only solved in sofar as the positioning of the buildings is concerned. I get an extra problem, that trees are sticking out of the tarmac and that the runway is partly visible from the pilot's eye, higher up it is there. Also the E-concourse does not show. I am still trying, but thought I'll mention this to you already. Regards Hans
  24. Hello Carlos, Thank you, I'll try that and report back. Regards Hans
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