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  1. Thanks so much to Impulse Simulations for the release of my home town airport YBDG Bendigo Victoria Australia. I now have all your airports for MSFS - Shepperton, Coffs, Adelaide and Bankstown. Truly wonderful. I was reflecting that for YBDG we went from boiled lollies to chocolates. In the first few MSFS versions the airport wasn't included (due to cloud coverage on BING), now here we are with a wonderful rendition and even a couple of our buildings in town. For those who don't know, Bendigo has the richest deposit of deep gold deposits in the world. They only slowed production because it is hard to get to. Most large cities in southern Australia are established on rivers. But not Bendigo, Ballarat and Kalgoorlie - why - because they have all been founded on gold. It's weird when the model is so close to home. Even the Daikin AC's on the main terminal building - a mate of mine services those!. Thanks again to Impulse Simulations - keep it up. My cheeky list from here would be - Mildura YMIA, Albury YMAY, Dubbo YSDU, Tamworth YSTW and Esperance YESP. All have a nice mix of GA and commercial links. And for something a bit different Mount Hotham YHOT Exciting short flight form Shepperton and Asobo's Mount Beauty. Thanks again
  2. Yes, for anyone not from Melbourne as Dr Smith says you can be assured that it is very accurate and a great rendition. I continued that flight out the Calder Highway and eventually landed at Kyneton. It is just wonderful. By the way poor little strip at Kyneton needs some loving attention, if there are any club members out there interested maybe you could team up with someone to customize this lovely little airport.
  3. I too just took my first flight. Out of Moorabbin NE then back over the city a couple of circuits then over the ports and north Absolutely wonderful I have apartment just off Spring St in the city and there is a new double tower Shangri-La Hotel and apartments being built. The buildings are topped out but far from finished and at around 60 floors will be part of the skyline (they are near corner of Latrobe and Spring overlooking Carlton Gardens. There are re a couple of cranes on the roof but the buildings looked more finished than they are. Team has been taken to detail the final build. Again wonderful detail. Also travelling down Little Lonsdale Street the light on the building models is so accurate, I noticed this too on the cutting near the Hoddle Street end of the Eastern Freeway (just near Yarra) Thanks Of course we all wait now for YMML
  4. This issue has been resolved. Just checked and the discounts are apply - well done and thanks Not sure how to show as resolved. but it is resolved Thanks
  5. This issue has been resolved. Just checked and the discounts are apply - well done and thanks
  6. Well that was great timing! Just downloaded and started update. You guys are amazing, such a sweet looking interface! Well done
  7. I understand the team have been working hard beta testing Orbx Central and we have been provided with manual updates and instructions for elevation fix's etc for the Australia V2 airports. But I'm preferring to wait until Orbx Central is released (just in case I muck things up). The initial expected release of Orbx Central is now well past (but understand it has to be got right being so central to product management) but can the team provide an estimated release update? I'm on P3Dv4. Thanks Neil Operating system: Simulator: Screenshot: Issue:
  8. All I can say is thanks Frank. My home city is resplendent in all it's glory. To recap for others - Some of the buildings in the Melbourne CBD Australia V2 were black as were some of the roof tops. Frank suggested may have been missing some texture files. Following Frank's advice above, I verified the files and FTX Central then auto downloaded I think about 1.7 gb. Also did the vector auto cofig. Then restarted and the problem gone. Thanks again Frank
  9. Thanks Frank Appreciate I will try the verify files first. Then a reinstall if necessary. I've done a verify files before but I can't remember where it is. Can you point me in the right protection. Again thanks
  10. I've tried to solve this with no luck. Around 10 % of the buildings and a similar % of rooftops in the Australia V2 Melbourne Cityscape are black. It's not a problem I get with any other Orbx scenery including Gold Coast Cityscape I am getting 20 -25 fps over the CDB, which I'm OK with considering the density of the scenery and the rest of the scenery in the Melbourne Cityscape is crisp and clean. I think it is in the same areas. Some buildings around Southbank then all the buildings down around St Kilda Road. The dock area and cranes etc are perfect but roof tops around Fishermans Bend are black. There is no problem with vegetation, parks or auto gen building I have the new Orbx region autogen buildings pack installed (problem existed before and since that - PS recommend the pack) I've updated to the latest P3D V4 client (which by the way I think did improved overall frame rates and the scenery just seems more vivid and crisp - may be my imagination though) I've set the sliders and settings as per the guide and then experimented and gone very low and even on the very low settings I've still got the problem. I've done a fair bit of flying now around the south east coast up to as far as Brisbane and no problems elsewhere with Aust V2 (expect Tyabb which I understand requires an update which is coming). Thanks
  11. Thanks for this topic. I was reluctant to go to 4.5 but now there seems to be good reason. The new Melbourne Cityscape I'm getting black blotches on some of the roof tops and a few buildings blacked out. I figured it was struggling to load (never got this with Gold Coast though). Anyways will update to 4.5 now and see if this improves the wonderful new Melbourne scenery.
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