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  1. Thanks Kevin, Don't leave it there mate, there are continual freeware addons and service packs adding more and more.
  2. Aussiecop I'm on it - working hard, time permitting. Pips - without being too colloquial the world is a big place and time is limited, the FSX devs have done the best they can with the time and resources they had. Their major market is arguably the US so that would presumably get the "best" coverage. Australia is but a blip on the "where's that" radar, no offence to anyone, it is simply market driven. Do lots of US stuff and sell more units. The FS dev team do publish details about how to make the missing bits and it encourages people to get into it. I'm a case in point - I'm doing this scenery development for fun it's a challenge. They also have to consider what can be rendered on an average PC, I believe each release of FS has pushed hardware to its limits which is good IMHO. Unfortunately as technology develops, developers face the problem of backward compatibility. Scenery developed for FS2004/9 isn't necessarily compatible with FSX so it has to be tweaked or done over. Welcome to FS thingie - get into it...you'll be glad you did.
  3. aussiecop if it is in my power to do it - I will.
  4. dreamnugget That's very true it did collapse, London Bridge is near the twelve apostles but not so close as to call it another apostle. Maybe I'll do both - uncollapsed and collapsed, maybe a VASAR resue mission to get the stranded folk off too! Ahh, we can but dream(nugget), ah well back to the scenery how to study.
  5. Thanks for the responses guys. Guess I've got some work ahead of me! Maurice what do you mean by blame FSX - just curious. I also noted my coastline was quite flat if you know what I mean - the actual coast is quite how do I say full of cliffs eloquently. The bay of martyrs down that way is awesome too. Aussiecop - I reckon the GOR sign over the road - would be a fairly easy (?) start. then move on to the Cumberland resort at lorne ala an airport? Starting from scratch MarkWlee - could you point me in the right direction - reading material and products to get me started on scenery design. I look forward to the challenge.
  6. Hi Guys, I must be missing something. I created a flightplan along the south coast of Victoria to check out the sights in one of my favourite areas. I can't seem to find any of the fairly famous landmarks down that way. Such as London Bridge, Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge Or did I miss it?? PS I'm willing to make them if required. Newbie but talented.
  7. I'd like to add my thanks to the list. This is the sort of thing that keeps consumers happy - where did you do your MBA, this should be taught in all management courses. Anyway - can you put me down for 10% off my AU RED. Cheers
  8. Ahh Butch LUXURY! config.sys indeed HIMEM.SYS EMM386.EXE NOEMS PC - too expensive had an atari 2600 first! Then my mate got an ATARI ST and we started playing HARRIER from then I was hooked. F117 graduated to that when another friend worked at an unnamed confectionary giant on night shift. We'd sneek in and load it on his boss' PC then uninstall it after. I think I got my first PC a 286 when I scrounged parts from work Including a massive 256MB EMM card Played the Original Wing COmmander on that.
  9. Hi Guys newb to the FTX forums but IT consultant for 20 years Windows mostly and I was one of the first MCSE's in AUS. Oh - and Flightsim fan for almost that long too. Here is I hope a decent explanation. OK Batch files (and yes I remember autoexec.bat - did you know XP still recognises one?). Batch files are lists of command line instructions, one per line That run sequentially, some branching is available but you can only go down the list vertically, not up. Command line instructions are such things as copy, ren, dir etc Anything you can type at the C:\> prompt - or in the Start.. Run .. cmd "black window with white writing" can go in a batch file. BTW They are text files with .BAT as the extension (not txt) (actually .CMD is more powerful=more commands available in Windows NT thru Vista) You can also run .exe program files from the command line therefore fsx.exe, winword.exe will also work. Shortcuts, on the other hand are simply pointers to files themselves rather than lists of commands. In this instance if we are talking about adding switches to a program shortcut, as long as the switches can be ganged together the shortcut is probably the way to go. Remember also if you add the switches to the desktop FSX shortcut and then run the Shortcut from All Programs you may be referring to a different shortcut and the switches won't apply. Anyone need anything further just post.
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