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  1. Yeah, right. I've had this car since 1990. When the ladies do the falling it's mostly from laughing... Cheers Mallard
  2. Hey, Elaine - I'm currently on the move over to Ireland (Shankill, Co. Dublin, to be exact). I don't have a Ferrari, but I will be bringing over a red car Cheers Martin aka Mallard
  3. Really good to "see" you all Cheers Mart... allard
  4. Well - I think it's time to drop my mask (at least a bit) My name is Martin, I'm a fully qualified archaeologist but work as a freelance translator. I grew up in planes because my father was constantly posted to exotic places by his company and have survived loopings in a helicopter over Barbados, non-closing doors on Ghana Airways back in the seventies, engine failures on transatlantic flights and made it safely back to the ground after taking near-derelict Russian commercial jets... I actually wanted to become a pilot once, but my eyes prevented that dream from coming to fruition. I've been flightsimming from the good old Microprose days. In this pic I was a bit pissed to be dragged out from behind my screen to go for a walk. My other real hobby is 2CVs. I've had the one in this pic for more than 23 years now, but currently also call an Ami 6 my own and had AK 400 vans, Acadianes and Visas in the past. The neat part about the 2CV is that it's a bit like flying an old biplane. Wind hits you from all angles, the windows are hinged half-way up like in some Cessnas and the needle of the speedometer gets stuck sometimes, so that you have to tick it with your finger to get it moving again - like in those old airplane disaster movies where they suddenly realise that they have run out of fuel By the way - the car is commonly known as "the duck" in German - and that's where my Mallard nick comes from (loads of German 2CV drivers only know me under that name)... Cheers Mallard
  5. Very nice set! The colours are great in these ones - and the gradual intensifying of the light is really spot on. Thanks for sharing. Mallard
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