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  1. Thank you all for your comments. Richard
  2. Some views taken in Van Nuys KVNY at the end of a short flight from San Diego KSAN. Richard
  3. Than you Ikbenik. For sure, this scenery is a step forward in the development of the simulator. I, who like to take screenshots, had a blast! (But I wonder if for mates who privilege the pure flight these ultra detailed sceneries which appear today, do not bring perhaps much to their pleasure). Richard
  4. Thank you TTM. Yes the set is done with the drone camera.
  5. Thanks all for your warm comments. Richard
  6. A set with KRNT scenery from Orbx partner Drzewiecki Design. Richard
  7. Nice set with an impressive scenery. Richard
  8. Thank you Gerold. I imagine the beautiful memories. Thank you Jijbentjij, I agree with your observation this quality and attention to detail adds pleasure to our hobby. (Clear Prop Studios is another developer that also offers nice quality detailed sceneries). You're right, it's not me in the photo, it's a couple of friends. I photographed them so that they have a memory. (By the way, my wife is also on one of the photos, it's the lady with the blue suitcase on the 2nd picture... but she's hidden by the bald man!)
  9. Very nice, thank you for sharing. Richard
  10. For Valentine's Day, we were at Ayers Rock.
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