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  1. Not much to add, and I don't intend to start a debate on this issue, but all Orbx reputation has earned with its amazing sceneries has lost punishing those who have purchased the original software without knowing that certain online stores are not allowed to sell Orbx products... What prevents me from now download pirate software? just my opposition to such practices... Thank you
  2. Hi again, I have been reading forum rules and now I understand your question... I have not any ordernumber because as I said I bought my FTX products in eBay but ALL my FSX addons are original and boxed, so the only thing I can do is take a pic of my FTX products and send them to the administrators via e-mail. I don't know what more can I do... Regards
  3. Hi Wolter, thanks for your answer, I have bought it in eBay (really a pack with the addons you can see in my signature).
  4. Hi all. I am very new with FTX products and this is my first post, so sorry if it is a stupid question, but I have searched in the forums and I have not got an answer. Today I have got my FTX Australia SP2 Avalon Edition (Boxed) and I don't know if I need or if I can install any SP... is enough if I install last SP? (I have found SP4 in your support area) or I need install previous SPs? (SP3 and SP4). Thank you very much. P. S. I cannot wait and I have installed the DVD and... it is amazing! looks like a new Flight Simulator!
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