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  1. Hi Jon, I've done a test flight in it today flying from Stansted - Krakow - Stansted and the frames when coming back in True Earth were still pretty bad, between the 10-20FPS mark. I use 3jFPS Wizard to optimise and use the 'Max FPS' option but it was still very low. I'm a bit unsure what is really causing this, I would imagine my CPU is bottlenecking somehow.. Can you suggest anything else at all? Apart from a system upgrade? Mine's about 4-5 years old now. Many thanks, Tristan
  2. Thanks Jon. I suspect the order has somewhat changed as I use xOrganizer for things.. Is this a good tool to use?
  3. Hi Jon, Thanks. My screen resolution is 1920 x 1200. I've removed the zz from Global Airports and moved the position for you to just about my True Earth now. Have noticed a small performance increase but haven't tried out a proper flight out of and then back into True Earth england yet which I'll try and do later tomorrow. Find attached my scenery_packs as requested. scenery_packs.ini
  4. Hi Jon, Thanks for getting back to me. Please find attached the requested files. I can't be fully certain in regards to where happens as I feel it's generally as every 'Tile' is being loaded in perhaps, but yes I would imagine city areas wouldn't help either.. For example, I was FL380 or something flying into Manchester at night and over Bristol going northbound, the frames dropped from 25 down to like 5-6 for a good 5-10 seconds and then went back up to 20-25.. This happened again later as I moved more northbound. Also happens going in any direction too. Kind Regards, scenery_packs.ini
  5. Hi Guys, Recently I have noticed my frames being exceptionally low whenever I am flying into and around True Earth. I believe this happens mostly when X-Plane is loading the scenery in. Now I know that True Earth is very intensive and there's quite a bit of scenery to load in but I notice when the scenery is loaded in, my frames are fine, averaging around 25-30fps, if not more sometimes. This only happens when it's loading in the scenery in-sim and when flying online (which I always do) it keeps disconnecting me due to frames. Sometimes I've had the frames reduce down to 3-4 FPS and then it'll jump back up to 20-25 FPS.. I'm running an Intel i7 6700K CPU @ 4.0GHz and Nvidia 1080 GPU. I've got XPlane on an SSD where True Earth is as well which should help the load time but obviously not. I'm also running 3jFPS Wizard to improve my general frames and Vulkan too. Is there anything else I can do, apart from uninstall True Earth altogether which I do not want to do. Hope some suggestions can be posted. Thanks, Tristan
  6. Hi All, I have True Earth England for X-Plane 11 and I was wondering if it would be possible to tweak the time as to when the street night-lighting is turned on at all? I have just done a test flight and noticed that at around this time of the year it turns on at 20:35 Local approximately.. However, just before this, my ground scenery is quite dark and therefore it would be nice if these lights 'turned on' slightly earlier. Is this possible at all or is this built into X-Plane? Kind Regards, Tristan
  7. Hi John, Thanks. That's a real real shame about Canary Wharf being 'Normal'.. I've just googled canary wharf at night on google and it's all lit up! Will this be addressed in a future update at all? Or anything I can do to enhance this area? I will keep a copy of this but yes I believe XOrganizer was messing with it, but thankfully it does help a lot of other add-ons. I'll check the version number though. For the moment, I have moved True Earth stuff into the 'Airports Default' tab on the scenery portion.. Not sure if this is correct but I think the location is correct now in terms of the .ini file.
  8. Hi Jon, Many thanks for this. I was unaware my .ini file was like this. I do however use xOrganizer. Is there anyway that the library order can be changed through this? Thanks again for sorting this.. As a side note, I've loaded up in London again and not getting any night lighting effects on the buildings in Canary Wharf ONLY. is this normal? The buildings just look quite dark at night which is a shame..
  9. scenery_packs.ini attached and other picture: scenery_packs.ini
  10. Hi Guys, I've been using X-Plane 11 for a little while now and use all the True Earth packages for England. Recently I've noticed that some of the landmarks in certainly London are missing, however the Ortho/Photoreal ground is there.. As you can see below, I have no nice financial district or Millenium Dome/O2 Arena, Shard and have some buildings in the river.. I have had a look at my library and can't see anything wrong but I may be missing something critical here. Thins like Houses of Parliament and London Eye are already there. On another note, I have a big square area of non-Orbx True Earth scenery around the Central area and I have no clue why... (Will add this in next post) Hope someone can help..
  11. Hi everyone, So recently I've noticed that I haven't got any buildings or tree's showing when I'm flying around England (which is mainly where I fly) when using Orbx England and Open LC Europe. I've deleted my p3d.cfg file and scenery.cfg to see if that would fix it but unfortunately it hasn't. I've opened up Orbx Central to see if that would fix it but it hasn't and now I'm a bit stumped I'm afraid. Is anyone able to help? I've just flown on the sim and in very small area's there are buildings but even then there's like 2 or 3... I've seen more than that previously. Many thanks, Tristan
  12. I have personally voted for Gloucestershire/Staverton airport (EGBJ/GLO) as this is where I fly out for. Voted the best GA Airport by AOPA members for both 2013 and 2014, with some awesome buildings to recreate in and around the airport! It has an ILS on the main 09/27 runway along with 2 other runway (3 including the grass) 04/22 04/22(G) 18/36 This place will be absolutely buzzing this week coming for the famous Cheltenham Gold Cup race week with lots of private jets and turboprops coming in and helicopter air taxis. Lots of FTO's are based here who all instruct PPL, CPL and IR. Bond Helicopters are based here and Bristow Academy and it also includes a scheduled 5x weekly Citywing flight to either Belfast, Isle of Man and Jersey using a Let L-410 Turbolet. In 2013 there were 73,800 movements! It's been a while since Orbx have done an EU England airport, and I think this would be the best choice. If Jarrad Marshall did this for FSX... well I would pretty much go mad! That would be incredible!! Thank you
  13. Hi Guys, I'm really trying to find the ultimate order for my FSX Scenery library with Airports, ORBX, Vector, OpenLC etc. What do you have your FSX Scenery order set to in what layout? Many thanks,
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