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  1. I have created something for myself as a way to prepare for multiple flights to see at least 41 airports. (May not be your cup of tea) I also created flight plans for each leg. If you are interested I can PM to you.
  2. Just noticed a small thing while flying from airport to airport. Seems the building texture has a mirror issue.
  3. Thanks for the reply Nick, I had purchased LOWI long before I purchased Germany South. When I checked today I found that the option to use LOWI with Germany South was not checked. I did change it and after starting P3D it saw new scenery to index. Too bad the GES installer did not know about LOWI and make the changes for me so that I would not have fallen into this trap. I made a flight and things are much better although I am uncertain as to the amount of dark areas that show up. Two images; 1 is from afar and 2 is closer.
  4. Hello, I had previously noted that there were black sections as I approached LOWI. (image provised) I did see a post related to this (can't find it now) and followed the instructions to remove and re-install the LC EU package. This seems to have not solved the problem. Also some sections of the textures do appear as I get closer but not all of them appear. I have Pilots mesh, Global, Vector, LC EU, Germany North, Germany South, LOWI amongst many others. Any suggestions as how to remedy this?
  5. I can vouch for the quality of the VC when using a UHD 4K monitor (Acer CB280HK) with an nVidia 970. Compared to the best I have with P3D or FSX the gauges are as clear as I have ever seen in a sim. Even these aging eyes can see the numbers!
  6. To the ORBX Team and FSS, Thanks for your efforts. I have been and will continue to be a loyal customer since the days of the first AU DVD back in 2009? Yep, the first attempts yesterday were frustrating but given the scope of the expectations I was not alarmed or put off. I logged back in today and the download link at FSS worked. I was able to pick the most responsive of the download locations and with may max of 5.2 MB/sec with Internet Download Manager everything was downloaded in less than an hour with no errors. My golf game also went well today so sometimes being patient is a good idea.
  7. I was able to purchase the product but when the details came back the Download link in My Account showed zero bytes. Not a good start for FSS.
  8. Canada, Toronto Area 200 kb/s to 1.83 mb/s Constant cycling up and down. My connection to ISP: Down: 15.67 mb/s Up: 2.17 mb/s
  9. 1.73-1.83 Mb/s for the 1Gb file Location: Canada Greater Toronto area About the normal max download speed for my account.
  10. Hello, I am experiencing some issues with bgl files in the ../FTX_VECTOR_AEC/scenery directory. There are airport bgl's that have no runway data. As these bgl's are in a higer priority than the std P3D bgl's the program that extracts and uses the airport data is getting confused and using the higher priority file without the runway data. As a result the program crashes when selecting the file without the runways. The program I am referring to is FS Commander 9.5 . It's database manager sees duplicate airports. Has anyone else found this to be an issue? Will the new version of vector resolve these iisues if they are in fact FTX issues?
  11. Hi, Some time ago I rebuilt my PC and did not re-install my FTX AU 3 package from DVD. I have proceeded to install many PNW related packages and now I wish to install AU3 and then the update to 4. Is there a specific way to do this that does not mess up the other PNW packages? I did not see any specific post that would help although there may be one. Thanks for your time and have a Happy New Year.
  12. The installed ORBX products report confuses me regarding the version that I downloaded yesterday: ... FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 100222 February 2010 FTX AU ~Status~ AUSTRALIA SP3.001 PATCH - August 1st, 2009 All FTX AU Regions shown below have been upgraded with the SP3.001 patch. NOTE: If you have purchased and installed any FTX AU region (BLUE/GOLD/GREEN/RED) *after* installing the SP3.001 patch you will need to re-install the SP3.001 patch again. ------------------------------------- FTX AU HOLGERMESH V1.0 (SP3) FTX AU TRAFFIC V2.00 August 2009 FTX AU YBLN BUSSELTON AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 (SP3) October2009 FTX AU YCUN CUNDERDIN AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 (SP3) October 2009 FTX AU YHBA HERVEY BAY AIRPORT VERSION 1.01 - (Sound Patch 001 installed) FTX AU YMAV AVALON AIRPORT (AIRSHOW MODE) VERSION 1.1 NOVEMBER, 2009 FTX AU YMLT VERSION 2.5 (SP3) October2009 FTX AU YNCK CESSNOCK AIRPORT VERSION 1.01 - (Sound Patch 001 installed) FTX AU YPEC AEROPELICAN AIRPORT VERSION 1.01 - (Sound Patch 001 installed) FTX AU YPLC PORT LINCOLN AIRPORT VERSION 1.5 (SP3) October 2009 FTX AU YPMQ PORT MACQUARIE AIRPORT VERSION 2.0 (SP3) October 2009 FTX AU YRED REDCLIFFE AIRPORT VERSION 3.0 (SP3) October 2009 FTX AU YSCH COFFS HARBOUR VERSION 1.10 (SP1) June 2009 FTX AU YSTW WARNERVALE AIRPORT VERSION 1.02 - (Sound Patch 001 installed) FTX AUSTRALIA DVD (SP3) MAY 2009 FTX NA PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST BETA BUILD 5020 ... Should NA Blue read BETA BUILD ?
  13. My apologies for not explaining what my issue is. Others can download the free version and get the free airports. Quite simply how do I get these free airports to appear in my new FTX DVD SP3 install? Logically I should install the demo version to get the free Tasmania airposrts but I already have the full version of FTX installed and these airports are missing.
  14. Hello Again, I have removed the old OzX scenery and updated to OzX 3 as per the instructions that I have gleaned from the forum. The freeware Tasmania airports are, at present, not there with the full FTX version. As I wish to plan flights for friends that will have only the demo how can I add the airports that are part of the demo version?
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