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  1. It’s not so much jaggies but the flashing on and off and the fact that they look nothing like cables. This is when I’m flying low level BTW, looking ahead as opposed to down. I’d rather just delete the pylons completely. Why can’t this be an option within the settings of Central?
  2. Can someone please help? In VR the cables are flashing on and off and look like boot laces. Is there a way to delete these textures manually?
  3. Ok thanks. I very recently purchased this but there was no mention of an update. Curious as to whether the update was part of the main download?
  4. How does we install SP1? Is it automatic via central?
  5. On my monitor the wires look perfect but in VR they look dreadful. Pimax5K+. Any idea how I can fix this? Is it possible to disable the wires?
  6. Solved. This must be a limitation of the free demo. Just installed the whole of south and WOW. Amazing.
  7. Don’t have P3D. This is XP11. This is is definitely not the norm as you state. This video shows very crisp textures from ground level.
  8. Am just trying this scenery out before purchase and the one thing that's not looking good is the textures up close. Running i7 9700k with RTX 2080ti. Visual effects MED - Tex quality MAX. AA 4X Is this normal? Houses and trees are crisp and vibrant. The terrain look terrible.
  9. Can see my house in the 4th image. Amazing detail. The wait is killing me.
  10. FSX and Horizon Genx was revolutionary in its day being able to display at an incredible resolution of 1.2MPP. The downside was the dreaded blurries which ruined it for me, plus the severe lack of required updates which never materialised for many years after. TE, for me, is the current revolutionary scenery to hit the flight sim community, with the added bonus of no more blurries, colour abnormalities, or lack of updates-patches. I’m more than happy with summer textures only. Having the the ability to switch between summer and winter trees would be advantageous imo.
  11. Not after reading other user experiences. I’d rather wait 3 days. But I must add that it is only Orbx downloads which are ridiculously slow. Everything else is reasonable to fast.
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