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  1. Cool shots, Iain! Best, Lucky /////////
  2. Top-class clouds, Adam. Like Jack, I'm torn between Rex and ASCA. Rex has the advantage because it's the incumbent --- Best, Lucky /////////
  3. Beautiful shots, Iain... Best, Lucky /////////
  4. Good shot --- gotta love that plane! Best, Lucky /////////
  5. Nice shots, Fulvio. I suggest you enter #2 in the contest --- Best, Lucky /////////
  6. Nice set, Fly! Best, Lucky /////////
  7. Beautiful set, Martyn, and amazing custom weather... especially those wispy cirrus clouds! Best, Lucky /////////
  8. Happy anniversary, Iain... and lovely shot to mark the occasion! Best Lucky
  9. Thanks for that info, Jack. Let me see if I can persuade my son to let me use his Macbook! Best Lucky ///////////
  10. Definitely a jet for BIG business, Martyn! Lucky ////////////
  11. Powerful, Julio! Lucky ////////////
  12. Marvelous set, Adam, suggest you enter #2 in the contest. How did you install Starks Twin Oaks ? Did you install ObjectFlow2 Beta? Rgds Lucky
  13. By the way, Jack, which comic creation tool did you use for the above strip? Many of those I checked provide only front views of characters... Best Lucky ////////////////
  14. "Coming into Los Angeles, bringing in a couple of G's, don't check my bags if you please... " Cheers, Lucky
  15. Yeah, it was a letdown for me too... Those losses add up for me too... I've had to junk many planes from CLS, Quality Wings and Vitravia
  16. Copy that, John --- Best, Lucky ///////////
  17. Great shots, Iain. Have you noticed any problems with the ObjectFlow beta so far? Best, Lucky ///////////
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