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  1. TheGreenToad's post in Purpose to select whether FTX Australia is installed in V1.4 Configuration Tool Settings was marked as the answer   
    Vector didn't work well with FTX Australia, you could end up with duplicate objects, e.g. roads from both products shown at the same time. So if you have both FTX Australia and Vector, you can disable the Vector part for Australia now.
  2. TheGreenToad's post in No buildings at Rugen airport was marked as the answer   
    I've found the following tip regarding missing buildings at EDCG Rügen in the German forum (for FSX only): please remove (ob better rename) the file "EDCG_objlib_P3D.BGL" from the EDCG scenery folder in your FSX installation. Maybe this helps?
  3. TheGreenToad's post in New P3D V3 installation order was marked as the answer   
    see here:
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