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  1. Sadly, it seems Orbx doesn't give a *** about P3D anymore. I've been waiting for BCN and Orlando and have now resigned myself. I haven't tried the v4 install myself, hopefully someone else will chime in.
  2. I know your hands are very much full, but please try to make Barcelona and Orlando cityscapes compatible with P3Dv5. Thank you!
  3. Nice roadmap, however, I’d like to know if Barcelona cityscape is still going to be made P3D v5 compatible? Also, is Hawaii still going to be ported to XPL? thanks! -E
  4. To all interested: found the culprit. It seems fsAerodata makes some duplicate entries when updating ICAO airport registrations. The issue is documented here: https://www.fsaerodata.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=88 Problem solved. Thank you!. cheers -E
  5. Hi Nick, that's what I feared. Thanks for the confirmation! Strange thing is this is a very plain / vanilla install of P3Dv4 & Orbx. I'll have to start a thorough search inside P3D and Orbx directories for the culprit. Shall report back. Thanks again. Cheers. -E
  6. Hi all. I want to confirm with you guys if Lake Hood is supposed to look the way it looks on the screenshot I'm attaching. This is in P3Dv4 with: FTX Global, OpenLC NA, Vector and SAK. All of them, including Orbx libs upgraded to the latest versions. (according to FTX Central v3.2.1.1 anyway). Other addons: - AS4 (AS16)/ASCA -PMDG DC6/777/747 -A2A C172 -FlyTampa and FSDT sceneries. Other than that, it's pretty much a plain P3Dv4 install. I even reinstalled all of my Orbx products a while ago, manually deleting everything that contained "Orbx" thinking it might have been the migration from P3D v3 to v4 (which I did using FTX Central exclusively). Something doesn't look right :-( Thanks for your time! cheers -E
  7. Hello! I remember reading the new night lighting was going to cover OpenLC Europe as well. Is it true now that NA was released? Thanks! cheers -E
  8. I also had this problem and the only solution I found was to draw an exclusion polygon using ADE. cheers, -E
  9. Hi Nick, as far as I understand, FTX lights only work in FSX:SE under DX10. In DX9 they will show up as black squares. Check out John's post at Avsim http://forum.avsim.net/topic/457914-fsx-steam-released-80-off-sale/page-20#entry3137527
  10. Hi John, I made the same question over at Avsim, but I'm sure it may get lost in the clutter: What changed between FSX and FSX-SE in terms of DX9 that is preventing lights to work as intented? Thank you, -E
  11. I can't watch it because it isn't available in my region... there's a special place in hell for the guy who invented taxes, but those who invent stupid schemes of DRM (digital rights management) seem worthy of the place as well (and don't get me started on MLB game blackouts).
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