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  1. Unfortunately, Orbx will never solve this problem. Actually, I get 50-145 kb/sec download "speed" with Orbx Central, which is very annoying, while other platforms, like AS One or Contrail, provide reliably superfast download speeds on my 250 MB/sec internet connection. Pretty disappointing.
  2. Back from holidays... after relaxing 3 weeks I was able to find the culprit: it's SkyHighSim's library. After deactivating it in the scenery library, the problem disappeared. So I can't use Tivat, Belgrade and Osijek anymore (not that important), but Vector is fine now. Problem solved. Regards, Hans
  3. I'll be back in 3 weeks from holidays... just to let you know. Cheers, Hans
  4. Meanwhile I deleted the scenery.cfg Vector entries and readded the Vector files - no difference. I deleted the prepar3D.cfg and let P3D3.3.5 generate a new one - no difference. I have absolutely no clue. Still default coastlines, no Vector streets ecc, although all activated in the Vector configuration tool.
  5. I downloaded 1.30 from my FSS account and the 1.35 update from the support page. Thanks for helping me. Regards, Hans
  6. Hi, my FTX Vector 1.35 was perfectly working until I installed the update to 1.40. After that all coastlines ecc look like default. Finally I deleted FTX Vector and made a complete new installation: 1.30 an then update to 1.35, like the last version that worked for me. But unfortunately the problem persists... see the attached screenshots. I've tried with and without FS Global active. What can I do to get FTX Vector working again? Thank you in advance for helping me. Regards, Hans FTX Vector 1.35 active, FS Global Europe inactive: Example: Isle of Crete with default coastlines - FTX Vector 1.35 active:
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