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  1. Can't wait to read rest of the story, I discovered orbx few years ago, now during this current sale I have 3 more airports to buy, I love the Australian scenery and airports and enjoy flying to my local airport with ORBX, thanks so much for making this happen.
  2. Thank you so much, managed to successfully transfer everything, thanks for the really quick help.
  3. Hello, I have been away from flight sim for around 6-12 months and noticed a few things, ORBX does not sell products via flight sim store anymore and through their website directly, how would I download new updates if available? Also I am keen to get back into simming after P3D V4 has come out, I know Orbx provides the upgrade for free, so how would I go about obtaining the download links. I have purchased a lot of products from the flight sim store so not sure what to do? I would appreciate any help in this matter, sorry if this is posted in the wrong section.
  4. Just purchased FTX Australia, will be buying Global and YBBN +YMML soon, thanks.
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