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  1. Apologies for the question but, unfortunately, I cant read every post you Orbx guys make and finding a previous posting isn't always easy with the copious postings here, so your answer is much appreciated. Anyway, many thanks for the feedback. I reckon this update feature is something that many want to use! Paul
  2. Orbx Folk, Taking a chance here, but wouldn't it be fantastic if the FTX Control panel routinely (Automatically) checks what software updates, Library files, Service Packs, fixes etc were available and provided an automated way to download and install if the user wished it? It seems an endless process to keep checking what needs what first, which Service pack is the latest, which library file etc. Cost is a concern, I imagine, but I certainly would pay for such a magical piece of software to make the Orbx experience more than slightly easier. Paul
  3. Wombat, This is probably a bit late in reply, but I am also now looking to buy a new Laptop (although not just for FSX but with this largely in mind) and the brand new MSI GT780R looks extremely promising. It is spec'd very well coming with 16 GB RAM (yes that is excessive), the new GTX560m Mobile card (1.5 GB), Core i7-2630QM CPU, twin Hard drives, 17.3 " screen (1920 x 1080) , USB 3.0 ports, eSata, HDMI, Backlit Keyboard etc etc. It comes in at $1649.00 from the USA, so would be higher with postage but also offset with the Aussie $ (it can be ordered via Amazon Affiliate Website, PriceUSA, HopShopGo etc) and can be fully customized. Have a peek over at: http://www.gentechpc...onfig_id=GT780R I apologise for not directly answering your question but as the MSI is so closely aligned with your intended purchase I thought you may like to know. Paul
  4. JK, Signatures all look good for me. Thanks for all your hard work on this new Forum! Paul
  5. JK, Just advising you that I switched to the IP .Board layout to see how that looked and the Clean-Cut option is no longer available to switch back to? Paul
  6. Now that was excellent and funny too! Paul
  7. Barry, Hey, thanks for posting that. I don't have the VRS (due entirely to using a low end Laptop) but it was great to see the 2OCU markings again. I served there in 1976-79 with Mirage and Macchi jets and didn't realise about the 60th Anniversary! Paul
  8. Sue, I am not one of the regular commentators out here and don't know you personally but for what it is worth I truly know what it is like to lose someone you care about so I know it was even hard for you to write anything at all about your loss. Take care Sue, know that we do honestly feel sorrow for what has happened but that we are here for you when you can come out again. Paul
  9. Sue, Yes, I grabbed the MD902 and the Samson SA-2 (I am not into fantasy aircraft but I love the film 'Avatar', more for showing what humans are capable of doing so had to have that one at $13.00). The MD902 is definitely far better than using a default 206 so it is Christmas after all for we Flight Sim enthusiasts. Paul
  10. Folks, Tis' that time of year and I just noted that Nemeth Helos are 50% off until Dec 25th, So, for example, the new Samson SA-2 is AU$13.51, the Sikorsky CH54A (Skycrane) is AU$17.84 and the EC-135 is AU$17.12! Just checked other sites listed on the Nemeth Homepage and this special is also available at PCAviator and FlightSim Pilot Shop as well as some others depending on the Nemeth Model itself. Simmarket seems to have them all at the 50% discount. Paul
  11. I bought the Full C130 Pack this year in the July Captain Sim sale for around A$15.00. It was a great deal (included all models and the All in One Pack) and the C130 is a beaut aircraft (very atmospheric)! These kinds of deals are also the only way I can afford such models so they are much appreciated too. Paul
  12. Alan, Neither do I as a rule and I agree, it is different and easy to miss. I was just being unusually vigilant with this one. Paul
  13. Alan, The authorisation Code is on one of the pre-install screens (the one actually requesting the Code itself). Start up the install process again and you should see it. Paul
  14. Heiko, Extraordinary images of KORS. Really brings back memories of being in the snow with such a brilliant atmosphere you folks have created. Superb work! Paul
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