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  1. Wow Rob ! To me it looks way better than MFS ! Are you using ActiveSkyP3D ? What settings in there and in P3Dv5.3 Graphics / World / Light... ? Any fine-tuning of the volumetric clouds in the CFG s ?
  2. Ok, I uninstalled P3D v5.2 HF 2, but didn't uninstall Orbx Central. 1) When fresh installed P3d v5.3, and then oppened Orbx Central, it showed Orbx Global, Libraries and Airports free as already installed. They were installed to the Main Library instead of P3D, but ... 2) I decided to cycle their install, uninstalled the three, then reinstalled. - It looks like everything is working ok, so apparently this 5.3 doesn't bring incompatibilities with Orbx Global, Libraries and Global Airports ( free version ), but I would like to know if his is correct ?
  3. Good Morning! So, ORBX is finally embracing X-Plane after all ? That's Great News !!!! And from what I see in the shot John is showing in the OP, you're using Wordl2XP !!! WOW ! When will it be released ?
  4. Thank you guys! Just installed and have been testing ORBX Global on FSX-SE. Smooth, everywhere, and gorgeous !!!
  5. I only have FSX-SE installed on my PC. I'm using FSX-SE as a visual generator for Aerowinx PSX 747-400, a standalone flight simulator that can use FSX for the external World visuals. Since I am running both programs on the same (old) rig, I made sure that my FSX-SE install was minimal. I'm using Steve's DX10 Fixer, so far I am having a very smooth overall experience, but my ORBX FTX Global gave me so good memories that I considered installing it again, now on SE, my only problem being the possible impact it may have of FSX-SE's performance, and VAS usage... So, can you guys please tell me about how "heavy" FTX Global Base is ? Can I minimize the impact in any way, for instance by disabling the ORBX lights ? Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
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