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  1. Issue: Hi, I just received notice from my bank that my payment to you has been denied for an expiration date problem. They also told me how to proceed to reissue the payment, but we need a private conversation. How can it be done? Thank'you Andrea Damiani
  2. Something odd happened as soon as I loaded Meigs and found myself sitting on that old runway 36 on my 172 .... Yes this is what I saw that night in a dream. More than 20 years ago, and it seems like yesterday. It had been a late night trying to figure how to connect via modem (yes, a 14.4k analog modem) for a multiplayer session with my friend Gipo. Must have been Flight Simulator 5. Oh there were no cellphones at that time, and when you used your modem you had to disconnect the phone, so imagine the fun we had trying to make connection, looking for each other around lake Michigan. But you see, this is the story of a friendship born from a common passion, so no matter how tired and frustrated we were, I can't tell you the emotion when I first saw Gipo's Cessna taxiing on the tarmac at Meigs, and then taking off, and flying through the sky. Yes it was that night. I went to sleep. And dreamt of the future, of unbelievably powerful computers, smooth flights, hundreds of fellow simmers playing together from around the world. I dreamt of a perfect Meigs, with people, and other airplanes, and cars speeding in the streets, and night reflections, and everything. So this is what happened tonight as soon as I saw this little gem: after more than 20 years, the dream had come true. If only Gipo were still with us to fly together once again .... Andrea
  3. Don't tell me, I'm stranded in a funny place called Rome, Italy. Been here for quite a while..... Nice cooking tho. Live long and prosper Andrea
  4. I didn't setup a flight plan ... just entered coordinates N 37-44-02 W 119-38-14 Cheers, Rob. Cool, tnx, going there right now )
  5. Hi, would anyone share a flightplan for sightseeing in the A2A C172? Tnx Andrea
  6. Frank is an artist: flying in his scenery is an unforgettable experience.
  7. Go ahead, That's what I have and it's really beautiful. Andrea
  8. I, for one, would LOVE to see Kalgoorlie. I visited there exactly 30 years ago, in September 1984. One of the most peculiar places I've ever seen, and at night, a sky that I will never forget. Andrea
  9. That would be cool! And also "people who have your products usually buy ...." a la Amazon ... I would also add some warnings for those cases in which someone has an airport for a given Region but is missing the region itself, or an LC product without the Global package.
  10. Hi Rob, great stuff as usual .... are you using a mesh? And Vector? Tnx Andrea
  11. Thanks! Only one problem: I had already installed Liguria and I tried to rename those files. Unfortunately, P3D2 complains something about scnery.dat and wants me to delete the whole liguria folder (). What's going on? I had to rename the offending files and restore the previous situation in orser to continue. Bye Andrea
  12. This is really cool! What about Tuscany? Can it be adapted as well? Tnx Andrea
  13. Gamechanger. End of review. This is my opinion after many many hours of testing around Europe. I've been a simmer since 1982, this is one of those few moments when I really see an outstanding achievement. With A2A for general aviation and the oncomng PSX as a Heavy with Orbx world and P3D2 as a scenery generator, the future looks birght. Congratulations, a great product and well worth its price.
  14. Hi Holger, well, I am not sure it does, or maybe I'm missing some piece of information .... John is saying quite clearly that you need Global and that Vector is optional but advised. To put it simply: if I just add LC to Global and no Vector, will I see oddities? If I add LC + Vector and no Mesh, will I have elevation problems? I sort of lost track of the latest developments under that point of view. I just want to avoid this "chain reaction", because the mesh step would cost me a fortune. Thank'you Andrea
  15. Sorry for repeating my question: I'm afraid it went unnoticed. In brief: I have global base (and love it) and would like to buy LC EU. Does that mean that I will have to buy vector as well in order to avoid oddities here and there? And in that case, will I have to also buy the mesh for the same reason? Thanks in advance for your answer Andrea
  16. Hi, LC EU looks like a great addition to our hobby, and I will be happy to buy it on day 1. I only have one problem with Vector: I understand from studying the support forum that, once you install Vector, a mesh becomes mandatory. I don't want to buy Vector or the mesh for now (and do not have enough room on my SSD) and I am afraid that the following will happen (I already have Global base on P3D2): 1) I buy LC EU: looks good but I observe some oddities here and there, so: 2) I buy Vector. Looks great, but I lose some fps (will I?), and, anyway, I see some obvious elevation problems, so: 3) I have to buy the mesh, which means a new SSD, replacing the old one in my case and so on. If this is the story, I'll have to pass for now: I can spend 20€ for LC and even add in 50€ more for Vector alone, but not 60€ more for the mesh and 200€ for the new SSD. If I can stop after step 1 or even step 2 with no other issues (not even losing fps), I'll be more than happy to buy LC EU. Thank'you Andrea
  17. When I have a new class at school I always say to them: "watch out, because next year is going to last about nine months, and the one after that just six, and so on". And at the end of High School they invariably say: "Gee we thought you were joking, instead it was TRUE!"
  18. Once on a TV show about the troubles of old age a very old man was asked how it felt turning 90. He answered: "It's really cool, especially when you consider the alternative."
  19. Erm... John .... since it is also MY birthday and I am turning 49, maybe I can have an additional 49% discount? Yes? Happy birthday! How does it feel turning 50? Just asking out of interest ...
  20. Eheh.... Rome, that's where I live. For some unexplicable coincidence, all the places that are special to me are being ignored by ORBX: Rome, Milan, Perth, New York, Cozumel, Saint Marteen, Las Cruces (NM), Singapore .... go figure! I know there are other sceneries, but let's be honest, some of them are good, even very good, but you guys are in a league of your own.
  21. And the meaning of this post, if I may ask? An unfortunate mistake, I hope. Anyway, just in case, you mixed 'em up. Italy is on the left, Greece on the right ...
  22. May I ask how are the frames with this Phenom and with the Carenado Cirrus with P3D2? Better or worse than A2A 172? Tnx Andrea
  23. Tnx Rob, perfect as usual. I'm going to try that ULTRA shadow map count. DO you think it will melt my 780?
  24. Let me try .... YUP it works.... my resolution was too high! Tnx AD
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