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  1. I would call that "a hot summer night". Otherwise a hot shot. Cheers Ulrich
  2. Very nice shots, Jack, and great flight acrobatics, but one question may be allowed, did the plane load old Swiss cheese, or why is the nose hatch open ? Cheers Ulrich
  3. Great shots, Jack, errrh, I mean Martyn. In your last shot you take your registration a little bit to literally go "un-der" the bridge.
  4. Yes, it would have been better, because my neighbors have already asked what this strange thing in the tree is for. ... Cheers Ulrich
  5. I'm glad you have won, Martyn, congrats now I can fall asleep calmly again without all of those loud bikers in front of my house.
  6. VH-KDK for me I love Martyn's way of producing massive amounts of popcorn right in the fields.
  7. Departing KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport Good luck to all !!!
  8. Happy birthday, Jack. All my best wishes to you and hope you have a very nice day. I also miss your great and very entertaining posts here. Cheers Ulrich
  9. Congratulations Digital 896, excellent work, it couldn't be more realistic.
  10. This time it was extremely difficult, I picked six favorites and couldn't decide which one, so I rolled the dice and the lucky one is . . . jean marc
  11. Thank you very much, guys !! I am very happy that you liked my "selfie" shot. Your nice comments are much appreciated. Cheers Ulrich
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