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  1. Congratulations to this winner shot, Richard, Incredible real looking shot, chapeau !!
  2. Great shots Mikee !! @ white bar : My white bar disappear by moving the mouse pointer outside the desktop. Cheers BB
  3. Congrats to both winners, two really great shots !!
  4. carlosqr Sunset at EGNT gets my vote beautiful queen of the night
  5. Beautiful shots , Ikbenik !! If you would try this in real life, you would find yourself very fast behind swedish curtains (gratings).
  6. Richard Louis Kinner Sportwing over Chicago landmarks has my vote.
  7. Congratulations for this fantastic winner shot, Carlos and a belated happy birthday !!
  8. And here is the suitable song for this grand shot https://youtu.be/IfniG-AdSC4
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