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  1. Thank you! It seems like the very same issue, probably still hasn't been fixed then.
  2. Any update on this? I bought KVNY and KSJC on the Orbx sale, and I'm having this issue at both airports. But it's worse on KVNY. I'm getting bad stutter when looking in certain directions. I have the same specs as the thread starter.
  3. Hello, I purchased the KSJC and KVNY sceneries in the recent sales, but I'm getting absolutely horrible performance at both airports. I have a lot of other Orbx airports and I'm not experiencing the same issues. The issue is that when looking in certain directions, the performance grinds almost to a halt. Using right-mouse click to look around is very difficult, and you can forget about using TrackIR. I don't understand why this is happening. I've tried disabling all other addons through Addons Linker, but it doesn't help. I'm only having issues at these two airports even though I have 23 different Orbx Aiports. Settings Ultra on almost everything LOD 200 / 200 My spec: R9 5900X / RTX 3090 / 64 GB RAM
  4. Looks awesome! Looking forward to this one. Regarding the traffic, is it possible to switch on and off the long runway while the sim is running?
  5. Thanks ^ Did look for that map but couldn't find it. Great to see parts of Nevada included. :D
  6. Screenshots look great! I've seen some screenshots of Las Vegas popping up, is Nevada going to be part of the SoCal scenery? Or parts of it?
  7. Just bought it and flew two flights... it looks amazing! Just as good quality as OpenLC Europe. I had Google Earth open as well, comparing the two.. and all the features are very similar. Looking forward to fly more! Great work, Orbx.
  8. Finally I will be able to fly over "the Gap". Up until now I've refused to, which is a bit sad since it's such a stunning area in the real world. With OpenLC NA Alaska/Canada it will be stunning in the sim as well.
  9. Looks absolutely fantastic Tore! I'm really looking forward to both Narvik and Bodø.
  10. I'm wondering about this too. When OpenLC NA Canada/Alaska is released, I will do a ferry flight low and slow from Nova Scotia to the Pacific coast of Alaska. Gonna take weeks and I'm gonna love every bit of it.
  11. Really looking forward to this one. Making it one 3D model is very clever!
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