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  1. Ive installed global, vector, openlc na, and na regions but havent installed the orbxlibs. My force migration button in FTX central is greyed out and I cant run the migration. Was wondering if there was a work around for this. When I install the orbx libs I get stutters at San Francisco which is my reason for not wanting to install them. Thanks.
  2. Im on 384.76, no problems here.
  3. Hey Larry. Just to make sure, this is the location of the text file to delete? C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\User Documents\Versions\FTX_AA_ORBXLIBS
  4. Thanks for the response Lawrence, it's a fresh install with the hotfix build and all of my orbx stuff is where the installers put it. Is there something else I need to change that I may have missed in the forums?
  5. I do have both Nick. Just so Im clear, to disable, delete the off and rename the other to .OFF or Just delete the .Off entry and the control panel will function?
  6. Im having problems with crashing to desktop and also some default vehicles and it seems to be related to the orbx force migration. I first noticed I couldnt select the default f35, then I noticed the f22 screens were jumbled in the main mfd. I posted on LM forums and was suggested trying this Delete the following generated folders/files. This will result in any add-ons being removed/disabled. %PROGRAMDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 %LOCALAPPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 %APPDATA%\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 Well, deleting those folders fixed the aircraft and crashing to desktop problems but my scenery wasnt right in scenery list or in the way it appeared at KSFO. So, I ran migration tool in Orbx Central which corrected that problem but started the CTD and same issues with default aircraft. Also while in P3D Scenery tab, once I exit I get this message "P3d has detected non sequential layering order within the Scenery Library List. Would you like P3D to attempt to repair this issue?" I hope someone can help me here Im about to pull my hair out. I have returned all overclocks to stock and disabled add ons. I dont know what else to do, the only thing that has changed on this machine was the region updates.
  7. Thanks Nick for looking into this. Im guessing its safe to manually turn off the .bgl's in the meantime?
  8. Hi, just updated my regions with the new update and regardless of disabling the cranes and marinas at San Francisco in control panel, they still appear in the sim. Anyone else notice this? It also doesnt appear to be saving the option for open water in winter.
  9. You can switch between the old trees (orbx trees) or the new speed trees in settings. The speed trees are not as dense and have a hit on fps.
  10. Thanks John, I hadnt really thought about it from the performance aspect.
  11. Excellent Ben, thanks for all the hard work. Really liking the new layout.
  12. Does anyone know where the orbx lights config tool went?
  13. Hats off to the team that worked so hard on Open LC and its new night lighting. Seeing outstanding results (p3d) with it combined with orbx light config tool. Well worth the long wait.
  14. Anyone know if St Marteen will be covered in the Caribbean. Hopefully Holger can make it compatible with fly tampas airport if it is.
  15. I noticed some stuttering today with 3.2 while flying around KRDD
  16. I haven't thought about the new store but hopefully we won't have to wait until August for OpenLc
  17. I'd like to know this as well, I can't find the video where it was discussed. Does anyone know if it's city building/autogen or airport buildings?
  18. Is it just me or did the preview shots for open lc USA stop all of a sudden?
  19. I have a problem with my terrain (mesh?), it wont quit moving/adjusting. Its probably hard to explain but for example while I taxi at KMRY the hill to the right of the taxi way keeps moving its like the mesh is moving. I also notice the mountains near Vegas doing this also so it seems to be a global problem. This looks to be a mesh issue maybe but I guess it could be texture, I dont know. Any help would be much appreciated. I have FTX, Vector and Pilots mesh (mesh is installed on a separate drive) P3d V3.2
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