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  1. “I know Orbx do airport addon but I don't know which airports it does them for or how good they are“ UK20000 do some nice strips but not same standard as Orbx. Check out Orbx Direct and look at the screen shots
  2. Looking to South Africa there are a nice selection to be found here https://www.freewarescenery.com/fsx/southafrica.html All freeware!
  3. Purchased but get this error message when trying to install
  4. Great pics of CT Any chance of Durban showing the harbour area and the Beaches?
  5. Wondering if Orbx will be providing a mesh download for OLC Africa when published as was done for OLC S America etc Thanks
  6. Been Looking forward to this for a long time. I echo the thoughts “What happened with "My final shots"? “
  7. Thanks, I’ll start at the back and move forward from there. LOL
  8. Braemar Castle. It’s shown as a POI in google earth but can’t find it. Don’t know which file to check for POI,s
  9. I'm almost sure I had it before I installed TE GBN, now it's gone AWOL
  10. Yes to P3D please It seems that most P3D airfields are ported over so would be nice to see the reverse happen, I'm sure there is a market for a good payware in this area
  11. You need to create an Insertion Point in Orbx Central below which are your FTX Files & above are an addon sceneries
  12. Checked and no issues for me, suggest you have an addon conflict search out ALL your YGLA's
  13. Four hours later, much muttering and isolating and the problem is solved. Thanks to all who offered suggestions. Problem solved and was addon scenery related
  14. Thanks Andrew, I did wonder if it was a corrupt YMBT but replaced with files from Greg. No Holger is not active. im going to check Beauty on my other old PC o figure where the bug is. Thinking of having a name change to Agatha Come to think of it I didn’t run verify files after installing SP1, worth a try. Cheers
  15. Hi Doug No. nav aid yes. Entire directory. 2x SSD’s. 2 ext HDD OZx unticked in the Scenery Library Next on the list is to untick ALL single downloads. Can’t help feeling it,s possibly tied in with the original YHOT / YMBT issues identified by Graham Ecclestone and Nick (file misnaming).
  16. Thanks for that but still no joy my end, Somewhere I have a file conflicting with the Orbx scenery. If I elevate myself by 5 ft I pop up above the surface but to a grass runway LOL All addon scenery has been turned off but still dirt diving Think I will have to call it quits for now, got me beat!!
  17. Thanks for that, I,ll start digging further. Can you confirm you have updated to SP1?
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