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  1. I've been holding out for Ketchikan, but I expect that it will now ship so that this mesh is a prerequisite for it to display properly. Maybe there could be a few discounted mesh/airport packages.
  2. As, between both companies, you have a long-standing reputation for producing a broad range of quality addons for the various simulation platforms, perhaps your partnership might explore producing a single, slick, carefully-vetted alternate marketplace for MSFS. This might remove the increasing chaos of the current in-game marketplace which seems to be a place for grifters who retail junk. I'm an old-timer in this hobby, but the poor noobs need someone to lead them toward the light.
  3. Here's something pretty apropos, Shoreham to Wycombe, one of my favorite XP11 hops, and now I can do it in MSFS2020, just like this:
  4. So pleased this is one of the first small English airports to be released. Loved it in XP11. Flew into the default version this past Friday and taxied over that row of special Bing Cessnas flattened onto the grass in the parking area. Looks like this Friday will be better....And now I hope the flood gates for these Orbx English airfields will open.
  5. Great pics! In six to eight months would like to see all that MSFS 2020 native: Orbx Compton Abbas, Aeroplane Heaven Spit, and Ants Airplanes Moth. Here's hopin'....
  6. I'm another potential buyer with concerns about performance issues. Because the scenery addon market (both free and payware) is exploding unlike anything we've ever seen with previous platforms, I find myself taking a very long step back from rushing into payware as it is currently not immediately clear that payware will consistently outperform (aesthetically or in terms of fps or mystery CTDs) some of the better freeware. This has become common knowledge. Is it possible to offer some sort of demo version of these sceneries or provide some sort of fps comparison with competing offerings? I have begun to realize there is an unintentional drift toward turning MSFS2020 into a walking simulator with planes. But that's not why I flightsim. How is a company like Orbx going to prove to me I should choose its products over others, especially when, in recent months, Orbx has made a number of us question its commitment to the quality that had previously distinguished it? (Reputation is meaningless when the memory of those new to the hobby extends no further than Aug 2020)
  7. These CTDs for EGTB are not new to this thread. I've uninstalled mine till I see a new version number for this product appear in Orbx Central. I put a ticket into PilotPlus but they said it's because MSFS2020 is still just kinda a beta. Right. I'm starting to have FSX flashbacks: a quick portover is still pretty much a quick portover, no matter the developer. Caveat emptor, I guess.
  8. Will this be free? I am wondering because if data is going to your servers, that would mean that we would be paying you to supply you with all the data you need to figure out pretty everything you need to know in order to direct the development of your products. I would be interested in something that is standalone and unconnected to anyone's servers, but I would steer very clear of anything where I would be paying Orbx to perform Orbx's market research.
  9. Reinstall didn't fix this CTD; happened again on T/O tonight. Putting in ticket through developer, but this is a problem with the scenery. The "test" lines are not in the xml of the version I purchased. I'm not a beta tester, so I'm uninstalling for now, and I'll keep checking back in Orbx Central for a new version.
  10. Came to thread because had 2 CTDs involving Wycombe today: one on takeoff and then one taxiing to runway. This after landing there w/o a problem and taxiing to parking after a flight involving both a touch and go at Orbx London City and a fly over of Orbx-ed London. This on a first time install of the sim on a computer that's four days old that allows me to run sim on high/ultra. Only addons are the current Orbx England addons. From thread, I assume I bought the patched airfield. Will try a reinstall tomorrow, but thread suggests this may be another bug.
  11. That was a response to a question in this thread a little over a month ago on Orbx's official take on MSFS2020. Today, as a variety of youtube flightsim channels are both showing tons of in-game footage and telling us everything they've been told by MS, we hear that Orbx has a very deep investment in the vanilla version of the new sim, and that there is also a list of airports that will be released as DLC--so, with all due respect, "to early to tell" was pretty disingenuous. There very clearly is "something to announce" (June 30), and it would be nice to hear a little more from Orbx now that the cat's very much out of the bag. My question is, for those of us who have been with Orbx since FSX, whether there will be some form of cross-platform discounts for airfields we've bought for both FSX and XP11 when they appear in MSFS2020? Fairoaks, for example, and as was noted earlier here, was one of several identified by FSElite.
  12. I continue to have the same problem after updating to the 4.11 version. Frankly, I'd appreciate Orbx explaining what background process it's added to Central that apparently now has Avast's attention and which now spits out the attached message (a message that has never appeared before). What are you monitoring and exactly at what moments is this taking place? Or is Central's monitoring now continuous when it's open? Perhaps it's Orbx who needs to restore to Central to its last known working configuration. The activity on these forums would suggest that was about two weeks ago.
  13. I have had that same com error thing show up in second half of this past week (and it has NEVER appeared before) and so did both the turning off avast and reinstalling, and low and behold, the error showed up again last night. This support forum has shown several posts on this issue in the last week, seeming to coincide with latest update to Central (latest had been something like xx.17, but my reinstall last night off a link posted in one of the threads in this forum rolled it back to something identifying itself as xx.10, and this burped out the error again). This shouldn't be a case of our trying this and trying that; life is too short and watching that MS2020 IFR update over and over again is taking up too much of my time. Central got broken and now needs to be fixed.
  14. With MSFS very much back in the game, like many others here, I've started to be very picky about what ORBX I continue to buy. I've stopped buying scenery for XP11 because the haunting aridity of the XP VFR experience is not, in the end, compensated for by the glories of the increasingly resource-hungry TE stuff. I've gone back to the fun of FSX to while away my simming time till next year, and I had been hoping OLC Africa would come out. A last hurrah, so to speak, after more than a decade of flying the ORBX world.
  15. Any word on XP Global? The road map that heads this thread indicates a 2019 release. Is that still on? The appearance of MSFS2020 means my XP 11 installation now has a "best before" date that is determining how much more I invest in addon's for it. But I would buy XP Global if it helps me pass the time till the new platform arrives.
  16. This is a welcome piece of news. I guess when I started a thread in early July in the XP forum asking about optimization of TE Washington, I was voicing a justifiable "what the hey?" in respect to TE Washington performance issues that others were clearly experiencing and which really needed to be meaningfully addressed. It is really important for those in the software industry to understand that many of us don't have expense accounts that would allow us to write off the every-two-year major hardware upgrades that would require us to keep fully enjoying continually upgraded software. Perhaps that's why so many of us did look to FSW, and are now looking to MSFS2020 to provide an all-in vanilla sim that will provide years of entertainment, right out of the box. If a third-party add-on developer's ambitions to be "cutting edge" undermine a sim's capacity to entertain its users, no one wins ( I suspect that's what finally broke FSX for many of us). If a sim platform can do it all, and do it well, why would we keep buying scenery for, say, X-plane if the development of that scenery outpaces the hardware we bought two years ago in order to enjoy X-plane? That MSFS might require an upgrade is true enough, but for what do you think I could better rationalize a new hardware purchase--to run bits of scenery for an old sim, or run a new sim whose vanilla scenery is jaw-dropping?
  17. Finally was able to give this plugin a try: it got me into the mid-20's all over the region. Brilliant.
  18. Thanks Tony. This plugin looks promising; at least it will allow me to get a few more happy miles out of my old horse.
  19. I notice that this topic has 89 views as of Fri 5 July, 10PM EST, but is dead in terms of response from ORBX. I also notice that other threads on general quality of experience (graphics quality, elevations, mesh) in TEW are drawing similar audiences. This virtual rubber-necking suggests that there is a wider interest in optimization. While I'm sure this means very little in the grand scheme of things, I won't be buying airports for this region until I see what its update does. (I'm actually pretty optimistic about this because if I remember correctly, the first update for TEGBSouth involved an optimization that was really beneficial for framerates). (and yes, maybe I should just get a new computer, but now I'm holding out till MSFS2020; I can't shell out for a flashy new system for scenery alone)
  20. My specs are: Dell XPS 8700 i7-4790 3.60GHz 16GB ram GTX745 4GB I know this is a modest system, and I know the sim would run better on a more current computer, but I was simply wondering whether there might still be work to be done on TEW. As I said, all over TEGB, I have a completely acceptable range of frame rates (I mainly fly GA in VFR, with the occasional jaunt in the JF Hawk). I ran another comparison with TEGB this morning. In the default 172, I park, taxi, and take off from London City at 23fps, overfly the densest part of the city centre at about 900 AGL with 18fps, turn toward Biggin Hill and overfly the rest of London at 21fps, getting as high as 30 over open country. At Skagit (KBVS), I sit on the ramp with the engine running in the 172 with 14.5fps when I'm facing away from the mountains. I taxi at 12.5 fps when the mountains come into view. When the mountains are in view in flight, I'm getting 13/14 fps; if I turn away from mountains so they're not in view, I get 22fps and better. My graphics settings in the sim are visual effects medium, antialiasing 2x, number of world objects med-high (last tab before high).
  21. Will there be any optimization of TE Washington in a future update? I suspect the mesh of all those mountains has a lot to do with it, but while I get 25 or so FPS with something like the Aerobask DA62 pretty much all over TE England, I can barely muster 15 in the default 172 or the Stinson in Washington.
  22. Was just reviewing the roadmap for X-plane. If I was a bettin' man, would this be a fair guess about order of releases for X-plane in 2019? 1) the last few UK airports converted from FSX, 2) the drip drip of individual airports in PNW, 3) TE PNW, 4) Global Base for X-plane. Wild card: TE Ireland. Wouldn't it be neat if there were some sort of contest where first best guess gets an ORBX treat. Tim
  23. Iain, I see you also use what's one of my favorite high wing runabouts, the Tri Pacer, to get low and slow in ORBX's GB. Can't wait till I'm logging hours over GB North too.
  24. No fair! Elstree is showing up for purchase in FTX, but there's no purchase button on its product page. I guess it will be a Saturday morning thing.
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