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  1. The Picture was taken with Israel's farm installed and the mod on top of it. Here's the scenery ini stack up when I took the picture. scenery_packs.ini
  2. Sorry but with the Mod installed it doesn't look any better. Now you have a darker shade of blue overlapping the light blue portions. Most of the river textures and color are gone also. This isn't what I wanted all all. I was expecting the river and lakes to be restored and look as the pics on the website.
  3. Yes I have the Washington Enhancement Pack installed which is where Israel's farm came from. The river looks terrible with or without Israel's farm installed. I have verified the files in both Israel's farm, the Washington Enhancement Pack and Washington TE HD. I have also verified files in orbxlibrary. No change.
  4. Here you go. 1st pic with Israel's farm installed, 2nd pic without it installed.
  5. The problem was there ( trouble with river textures and color ) at Israel's farm and on either side before I installed it. When I did install it, there was some improvement but nothing like pictures on your site. All surrounding river and lake color is light blue with no textures downsteam to a break, ( see my " I lost my Orbx scenery " post for additional shots ) then the texture picks up for a bit, emptying out to the bay. The light blue color of the river also starts a little bit upsteam from Israel's farm and continues up river.
  6. Loaded up Israel's farm. River detail and color are off. Also river and lakes on either side are light blue and have no textures scenery_packs.ini Log.txt - Shortcut.lnk
  7. As you can see, loading Israel's farm helped somewhat in that I see a little more detail in the surrounding water textures and sand mouns but the water color doesn't match your pictures on the Orbx website. Also the details end on either side and then the water turns light blue in color for the river and all lakes. It's still off.
  8. Your right those don't need to be in there. Here's the current scenery ini.scenery_packs.ini
  9. Scenery_pack.ini is supplied just below the last picture.
  10. Ok udate. Even though I purchased the enhancement pack which says it includes Israel's farm, you still have to install it. So Israel's farm airstrip is there and the surrounding river textures, but the river and lakes on either side are still the same light blue back to the break. Could it be a problem in the scenery ini. stack up ?
  11. The break in texture is from Washington TE just east of Skagit Regional (KVBS) airport and there is something definetly wrong. As you fly up river all the watermasking is gone and so are the textures. This is a shot of Israel's farm a little bit up river which is included in the enhancement pack which I also purchased. The river looks like someone cut it out with sissors and the water is one shade of light blue all the way up past the texture break. I know this is not Orbx quality. I also verified the files in the Washington enhancement pack before taking this shot. scenery_packs.ini
  12. Sorry to trouble you again but while flying over the restored scenery I came across this abrupt break in the river water textures. I tried verifying the files for washington HD TE and I still get the same break when flying over the area. My water reflections are set at minimal. Is there something we can do to fix this.
  13. That did it! Hitting the sync simulator for xp.41 then switching to xp.50 and doing the same, restored the Orbx scenery back in each version. Also I rearranged the scenery. ini per your recommendation. Thank you so for your time and help.
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