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  1. Not working for me. When I open FTX Central no option to update available
  2. Kudos to Orbx on FTX Central 3.1. Had to reinstall Windows, FSX and Orbx scenery. What took me two and a half days to do before now completed in 4 hours. What amazing download speed. Outstanding work you guys
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. Did that this am. Will try again and see if the download speed has picked up at all.
  4. Having to unfortunately do a reinstall of Windows 7 I find myself being totally frustrated by the pace of reinstalling my Orbx's products. With approximately 45 products to install plus freeware FTX Central only gives me download speeds 10-30 KB/s with a 100 MB/s download speed service. This means it takes 4-5 hours per product to install. Now that the manual download limit has been set at 5 per day we are still talking about 9 days to install everything. Even trying to install the old files downloaded from FSS is painfully slow. Although FSS has re-enabled validation on the install wrappers. The wrappers are taking 2-2.5 hours unwrap the installer. There has to be a better way.
  5. Yea, solved my own problem. Thought I had the latest installers of these regions. Re-downloaded from FSS and ran the installer, problem fixed
  6. Just did a reinstall of FSX Steam. When I reinstalled Pacific North West V108 and Pacific Fjords V104 I got a custom file validation report, custom files missing on both these scenery's. The latest Libraries are installed. Previously when I've had to install these there has been no problem. Now has cropped up since installing migration tool and Orbx Libraries 160708
  7. Please tell me the new store will be up and running soon. Had to do a reinstall of FSX Steam and the FlightSim Store wrappers are suddenly taking 1.5-2 hours to complete unwrapping the installers. At this rate with all the Orbx scenery and airports I own I won't be finished installing until sometime 2017
  8. Jas451


    Same here, I can get to the store web page but can't get into my account to download my purchase, very frustrating
  9. Is Cityscape San Francisco still planned? Haven't seen any screens since February
  10. Really looking forward to this update. Hope it makes it by the end of the month.
  11. Oops, Sorry, just reread the original start to this thread, didnt notice the openLC NA was listed as February to April.
  12. In addition to North Cal is openLC North America still scheduled for February?
  13. Thank you, it's a relief that my home area will be properly restored. Love to fly the Shenandoah Valley.
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