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  1. Yes Im not a fan of non standardised PCs like with Dell and HP. They use proprietary interconnects, non standard motherboard sizes etcetc. Using standards down the track means realistic upgrade paths and no vendor lock in for repairs.
  2. Renault all good People will make their own choices. Recently NVIDIA has'nt had the best run with us seeing numerous hot fixes being released ontop of their planned production releases. Let's hope their regression testing will improve and I know that they do run a very significant test lab for their regression testing. The challenge of their testing process is an enormous one. I'm not the hugest fan of DDU it leaves cruft including a service left installed to escalate privileges but I can see the use for it when you have to use it to purge a corrupted install
  3. Hehehe. Yes where is ol Brucey? I was laughing in my chair when over on the A2A forum, Scott Gentile gave him the driest sense of humour award for their forum lol Bruce was proud and wears it like a badge. Top stuff Bruce.
  4. Top of the morning folks, Nvidia has released their WHQL'ed build 375.86 Release notes are at: http://us.download.nvidia.com/Windows/375.86/375.86-win10-win8-win7-desktop-release-notes.pdf
  5. Yes, I was in error I mistook your Bathurst for it as I was distracted elsewhere. Due to the integration of the cityscape with the airport, Canberra is one of my most favourite sim places. Though not being able to help myself I did buy all the Aussie products and they're all used I cant allow one airport to miss my crashing too much So welcome BM
  6. Hello BoredMonkey (lol) I can see from your product purchases that you own YSCB but not the city scape. Other people have responded to the specific question of YSCB being a "snapshot in time". It does have allot of the features around Brindabella business park, just not the new terminal and hotel for example. What I would say, is that I bought the cityscape too and that greatly helped the feeling of immersion with flying around Canberra. I feel quite spoilt that Canberra got so much attention with great products. If you're of the same bent, then I think you will be truly delighted with the CityScape. Cheers
  7. I was doing a preperation for another one of my comedy series "Captain Choas" with an attempt to takeoff from SABA and land at St Barts in the A2A Civ P51 hahaha So anyway I got stuck into it carefully watching my Vlo and Vfe and Vrefs as I get down the hill nose down hard as St Barts requires....I was recording a video for publishing as another Captain Chaos story I actually landed on the down hill before the runway, somehow totally avoided a bent prop and any other damage, took a small little hop into flight again, come down perfect this time on the runway and managed to stop before the ocean at the end. It was a total miracle and Im like "yes yes yes I am the champion" then I realised the Nvidia video recorder had crashed and I had no record of it. The keyboard actually went flying out of my home office door!!! hahaha
  8. Nice. Very nice. I bought this Milviz product. It's a handful (fun!) and fast. And no autopilot either so constant attention is needed or you'll be in trouble quick smart
  9. Apparently this sort of thing has happened before in all sorts of countries according to a quick google search. You'd think the last place to start a "bar fight" is an airplane!
  10. https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/2119411/shocking-moment-huge-fight-erupts-between-travellers-on-ryanair-plane-as-passengers-fear-plane-brought-down/
  11. I'm excited to see more of Ozx with P3D, I'm a huge Australian fan. I've had a few problems with the render on shading and shadows too Pat, I think in some cases they are hard baked into the custom textures used. BTW Pat, I spent my youth on the Central Coast and Woy Woy is a lovely spot. Fishing for blackfish on St Huberts Island, so many memories!
  12. No customer is ever left in the lurch with Orbx. There is an OrbxDirect website process via a support ticket and proof of purchase to convert disc based Orbx products into FTXC3 account products. As per JV's FAQ Question 15
  13. Tavy I see your a P3D user like me. I believe the P3D compatibility for Ozx is being worked on but for now, its not fully compatible with P3D. Some people have claimed it is which made me look into it, and as much as I am excited about more Aussie content with Ozx the reality of the matter is that its not properly P3D compatible right now. Also be aware their installers can overwrite some Orbx payware airports so it needs attention to what you install if you decide to test its compatibility yourself.
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