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  1. Pics are good but what is causing all the strange textures ?
  2. I did come across Rottnest Isl. for the new MSFS a couple of months ago. Freeware : https://flyawaysimulation.com/downloads/files/14426/fsx-rottnest-island-scenery/ Payware : SimMarket Cheers...KIm
  3. A great looking small town airport. I just wish scenery developers would realise,that a realistic number of people are also very necessary to stop an airport looking like a ghost town,& maintaining a sence of realistic immersion. People are just as important as every box,traffic cone,rubbish bin,pallet etc,etc,etc,that they place in a scenery. I counted only 2 ground crew in the whole video. Every airport I've ever been to in the real world has been swamped with ground crew & passengers. As wonderfull as these new airport sceneries are PLEASE no more ghost towns.
  4. Love the shots. I totaly agree about people,in particular ground crew. Every airport I've ever flown to in the real world is a hive of activity. There is nothing as disapointing as flying into a ghost town airport, you immediately lose the emersion factor. Scenery developers do amazing jobs in the realism they are able to create & people just as important as the various clutter they put in to bring these airports to life.
  5. I had exactly the same problem. After a lot of headaches I ended up dumping Traffic 360 & moving to MY TRAFFIC, since then no problems at all,& after using it I found it a much better product.
  6. HI, I been flying around the wonderful new Africa scenery update.Came across an issue next to FOOS in east Africa.The large lake has quite obviously sharp angular default shore lines. Is this due to a gap in the data used to create shore lines ? Its not a major problem, I'm just interested to know what causes this,which I have also seen in other places around the world. Cheers...Kim.
  7. Hi, Yes would much like to know what you did to reduce your OOM. Cheers...Kim
  8. Like you I also have the 6% problem. Have just resigned myself to it. I just leave FSX to it, & go & do something for 20 min. The VAS OOM problem is always going to be an issue for those of us still using FSX but we live with it. Over the years I probably tried every tweek & tune up I've come across but Id be very interested to compare what tune ups you found worked for you. Cheers...Kim
  9. Unfortunately this is just how digital vegetation is made. Two ,flat 2 dimensional images are placed together in the form of a cross to give the appearance of a 3 dimensional object. Not intended to be viewed from directly overhead. It would take massive computing power to give us a true round tree which can be better utilised on aircraft & buildings.
  10. Hi Doug, Completed a few test flights. Everything seems to be displaying correctly. Many thanks again for your valuable help in fixing this problem. Cheers...Kim.
  11. Hi Doug, I've just unchecked all the entries without names,strangely about 10 of them brought up an error message "Area is required & cannot be turned off".? This all happened a couple of months ago after a major computer crash. Took the technician almost 2 weeks to get my computer up & running again. When it came back all these entries without names had just appeared. I didn't want to touch them in case I caused any problems. I'll do a test flight & let you know how it goes. Chees...Kim
  12. Hi Doug, Just completed a test flight, & all the lakes & rivers are displaying correctly again. Don't know how my scenery library got so messed up as I always let scenery product auto install where ever they need to go. The LC also appears to be drawing into focus more quickly than it was before. Don't know how that's connected to the library position but its a welcome bonus. GREAT MANY thanks for resolving the problem. I hope you & your family are staying safe from the corona virus. All the best...Kim. .
  13. Hi Doug, Have rearranged my scenery library order as you listed. I've attached the new scenery cfg. Hows it look now ? Cheer...Kim scenery.cfg
  14. HI Doug Here it is : Cheers KIm scenery.cfg
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