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  1. Hello, is this normal when Ground Poly is ticked in the Configuration Manager? Aiport YMML It says, Taxiways and Aprons have an Groundpoly. Aprons are ok, taxiways not. from the Manager: This uses a FSX Ground Poly to cover the entire runways, taxiways and aprons. Regards
  2. Hello, I spotted this small failure on approach to Cape Town. Thanks for this fantastic product, I was waiting years for it - and finally it arrived- Great Work. Consider Asia again Thanks Urmel
  3. No real idea at the moment. have you tried to disable gsx and enable it again? Next step should be removing esgg_gsx.ini, disable gsx, enable gsx and try with default gsx. After this you can bring the esgg_gsx.ini back to the scenery folder. I never had this message. keep us updated. Regards Urmel
  4. Together with the NAVDATA there is no "SALEN" callsign for this airport included in the default P3D. An member from the famous AIG AI Traffic Team created one for it. You'll find it here: https://jcai.dk/2020/03/salen-scandinavian-mountains-airport-esks/ Regards Urmel
  5. Try this: https://jcai.dk/2019/12/Orbx-lybe-belgrade-nikola-tesla-airport/ Regards Urmel
  6. Who is the developer of this airport scenery? Normally it's published, but I can't find it. Thanks
  7. The topic is marked as resolved? Is there an update with an fix I missed?
  8. More Info about the special Jetways in Gothenburg: For your info: there are more Airports with Jetways like in Gothenburg: a lot of nordic airports Salt Lake City Sydney With SODE VDGS its more easy for you when you arrive. The most aircraft are working with this tool and you'll get the correct stop point. Regards Urmel
  9. Maybe the well known dynamic lights missing at arrival issue?
  10. I can't see anything on this screenshots. What's the message telling you? Is the door alligned? Use the SODE menu or the GSX menu and make an screenshots with topview and the exact message. Like this: (but with the SODE or GSX Message inside):
  11. There are some updated AFD's for many airports available. I'm sure, you'll find one for KSAN. Maybe you use google. Regards
  12. Hello. Yor SODE is working for ESGG. You have Jetways. No, VDGS is not necessary. It's an really nice feature, which makes it more easy to taxi in. The reason is: you have the wrong aircraft. The Gates at ESGG are only narrowbody gates and can't handle widebody aircraft. That's why it's not working. Like in real life. More info, : Regards Urmel
  13. Thanks Nick, it's already an fantastic airport. With these minor thing it will be one of the best. I love it. I can't stop to push the V Button on approach.
  14. Hello, Belgrad is an fantastic airport done by you guys. The SODE Jetways are working wonderful and looking awesome. But there are some old Jetways (Gate A6 - Gate A10) without SODE. Is an updated planned for them? Will be nice, they are looking interesting, never seen jetways like these. The other thing is: The Airport is much to clean in winter ;-) - more snow on the aprons, runways and some edges will be nice. Regards and many thanks for this great airport! Urmel
  15. Hello, I love this new Airport, it's an really Masterpiece. I'm working with SODE and AI a lot of years now, and it's a pleasure for me to share some information I got over the years with you guys. With SODE and AI, a high qualtiy airport will get a lot of life, it makes more fun to fly in and out. All AI is provided by the Alpha India Group (AIG) for free. They have also an new easy to use installer, the OCI! Try it, it's for free, it's easy, it's high qualtiy. And now some info about the special jetways at ESGG. You can also read my other thread with a lot more info about these Jetways. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/167316-the-updated-stockholm-arlanda-sode-ai/ The last pictures are showing the new SODE VDGS System (an extra purchase! - but it's great) And finally: a lot of pictures ;-) SODE VDGS with PMDG NGXu: Have fun with your new Airport! Regards Urmel
  16. That's a big problem since P3Dv4. Some Developers found a solution and updated something. Example: Marcus Nyberg from ORBX for ESSA Stockholm Airport, it's working now. Maybe the Developers should talk together, but I can't read anything from the developer of EGPH in this topic. For the moment; I won't buy this airport (after I read about the problem), until I read that this problem is fixed. No fun to make an approach to an really dark airport at night. The problem comes only after a longer flight to this airport (I think around minimum 30 - 60 Minutes or so). Just wondering that no one find this problem in the Beta Version (not only with this airport - other Developers are also affected), it seems no one makes a flight in the beta to the airports at night. At the moment ORBX Edinburgh seems to be only an Takeoff airport in the cold dark season.
  17. How many AFD-Files are active? (called ...ADEX... in the KSAN scenery folder) Other active KSAN AFD's on your system?
  18. No Support? Nothing? I think that's the correct forum.
  19. Hello, I have a problem with some textures at night, they are really reflective, you can see them really far at night, even with no moonlight. There are a lot of these textures in this area - coordinates on the screenshots Thanks Urmel
  20. It will stay a few minutes at 6% and then it's working. That's normal at the moment, but it seems LM is working on for the next P3D update.
  21. ORBX can't do anything (like every other Developer) about the misaligned problem. Your Aircraft needs an clearly defined exit section in the cfg and the AircraftParameters.ini + AircraftExits.ini from SODE Folder must contain some info (the SODE Developer are doeing some updates sometimes). maybe look at this thread (most aircraft are looking great - no misaligned problem): Thanks Urmel
  22. Thanks a lot. This is a great feature. Fantastic. Regards Urmel
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