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  1. without Orbx Boulder City it works. Even with FlyTampa KLAS installed
  2. Yes, without FlyTampa KLAS I have the same effect. I recommend to disable the area near Las Vegas, than the problem is gone.
  3. Wow, that's are really great news. Even if you can't promise anything. Yes, v5 is different. But I like it and we users have great Addon Airliners for it, so I'll still use it.
  4. Maybe you'll find it a minor problem. Maybe it is when you flying to and from Boulder City. Not sure, it's not like a small texture failure, some big areas are not working. So for me it's not a minor issue, especially you'll see it a very long time on approach to Rwy 26 L+ R to KLAS. An with the famous FlyTampa Las Vegas Scenery I'll (or most users) mostly arrive on these Runways. The Orbx Guys can mark it as NOTED or something else, but it's still ACTIVE. So for an user like me I feel support issues like this one are not really wanted and will be ignored, especially since MSFS is used by the most users and no one (also Dev) cares about P3D. And my personal feeling for this issue: It will never be fixed. Orbx has some Developers which provide the best support in the Flightsimworld, and some who don't care about nearly any support issue. You'll never get an answer. And this, I really don't like. Even a small answer will be ok (like: Oh, thanks for the finding, I'll put it on the list... or something else), this is better than no answer. I'll disable Boulder City and with this it should be fixed for me. Regards Urmel
  5. Will this topic and support request lost in the P3D Forum? An info will be nice. I paid for this product money, an it has some confirmed failures. I know it's P3D, and because of this it is not interesting for most users and developers. But there are still some P3D users in the world who want to use there paid products.
  6. Ok, now it's confirmed. But any news? Will it be fixed or ignored? Support ?
  7. Oh, that's easy. Move your view up and turn it around 180 Degrees. It's on the centerline for the 26er rwy. As I wrote before between Boulder City and KLAS, that's only a few miles
  8. Hello, I've an Terrain issue with your Boulder City Airport. It's between Boulder City an Las Vegas. (I tried with and without FlyTampa KLAS) I also use the old FTX NC + SC, not TrueEarth Prepar3dv5.1 HF1 [img]https://i.imgur.com/mY2zzCb.jpg[/img] https://imgur.com/mY2zzCb [img]https://i.imgur.com/j7HAtKV.jpg[/img] https://imgur.com/j7HAtKV Hopefully you have an solution for this. Regards Urmel
  9. Thanks for the Info. Are the other airports planned? Will be fantastic.
  10. I'll purchased BIKF at simmarket, but the redeem key is not working for my code. Any idea? Thanks
  11. These shots are one of the best I've seen in this forum. Hopefully you can create some more topics like these. Fantastic. Maybe some from Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg ... Regards Urmel
  12. Monday, 8:42 local Time with AIG AI: Have fun! Urmel (ADE + VDGS + GSX Creator for ESMS)
  13. There is no much traffic at ESMS. I recommend AIG AI Traffic (Freeware). AIG AI Manager Info for AI Traffic: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/573485-what-do-i-need-for-an-good-ai-traffic-system-v4v5/ Most active airlines at ESMS (pre Corona!): Amapola Flyg (always some parked Aircrafts at ESMS) BRA (most Flights at ESMS) Wizz Air some Flights from Norwegian Air, SAS, Ryanair, JetTime, UPS, DHL, and some others. Regards Urmel
  14. Why are people complaining that an developer provides an old product for free for an limited time? I also have it, but I'm happy to see that Orbx is doing this. I'm sure some people don't have it and are happy to get it now for free. Don't complain about anything you get for free, maybe Orbx is doing this also in the future and you are lucky and get an product you don't have in you library for nothing. Thanks Urmel
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