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  1. So now we're all moving from P3D to FSX SE?!
  2. Well, they don't official support P3D yet (they are working on it as far as I know) but you can install this scenery in P3D. It works fine.
  3. Great movie, v2.3 is a big step forward!
  4. Just made my first flight in 2.3, it's ultra smooth and crisp. Simply amazing!
  5. If you prefer a future-proof sim then go for P3D! More and more developers will move over to this platform in the comming months.
  6. Many thanks, i will give this migration tool a try.
  7. Excellent shots! How did you managed to get people flow working at KCMW in Prepar3D 2.2 ? I can't get it working.
  8. Great news, thanks for sharing. Finally a bit more news on V2.3
  9. Beautiful shots with the nice light effects of P3D V2. Nice job!
  10. 90% of all people is a little overdone. More and more people are moving over to P3D. And yes it is an old code, but LM proves that you still can do a lot of great things with this code.
  11. I don't believe that this company will do exact the same things like LM does with the ESP engine. This company wants to make profit with DLC's. And maybe they are working a few small fixes, but for now that's all. For me the most serious and future-proof platform is P3D V2.x.
  12. PMDG is working on the 777 for P3D V2
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