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  1. Thanks Jon. Yes I wanted to install the SD version. I had already emptied the temp file on my c: drive. My c: drive had 99GB free and my d: drive with X-Plane had 108GB free. Despite all of that, even rebooting my computer, I was still getting the out of space alarm. I then unchecked in Orbx Central "check disk space before installing" and started the installation and… it completed without any hick-up. All is well now. But the question remains, why did Orbx Central tell me that there was not enough disk space? Jean-Jacques
  2. Ok, I think I’ll need to move all my Orbx sceneries onto an external ssd. I’ll search the forum to find out what is the best way to do that. JJ
  3. I know that the scenery takes 49.5GB disk space, but how much do I need to install it? I have 108GB free on my SSD but Orbx Central tells me that I do not have enough disk space to install. Jean-Jacques
  4. Thanks Nick. It is all clear now. I had not realized that Orbx Central is also a distribution media for other developers. Thanks for clarifying that. J.J.
  5. Same for me, I’ll pass on this one. Too bad, because I am a big fan of Orbx sceneries, but I might get it later if it is part of a discount offer.
  6. Problem solved, I uninstalled EGTB, installed EG20 and EGTB and now the scenery loads perfectly. Thanks for your support Jon, I appreciate ! Cheers, Jean-Jacques
  7. Thank you for the file Jon. I did put it in and got another alert saying it was missing the Veg_VG_All.dds, which I suspected it would because I had seen it in your directory. Then I copied the Veg_VG_All.dds file from the Orbx_EGHR directory. X-Plane did not crash any more but alerted me that there was a problem in loading a file. X-Plane's Log.txt file told me that it could not find the PhonePoleCAbles.obj file. Somethning did definitely go wrong in scenery installation. Is it on my side or is there a bug in the installer ? Jean-Jacques
  8. I get an error saying that Custom Scenery/Orbx_EG20_Clench_Common_Field/veg/Veg_VG_WF.dds could not be located. I used the verify files option in Orbx Central but that did not help. EGTB is installed outside the X-Plane directory. Jean-Jacques Struyf
  9. Hello Nick, Orbx Central asked me if I want to uninstall Central 3. I answered NO. Now it wants to move my Library and asks me where I want to put it, but I do not get a chance to leave my X-Plane Orbx addons where they are. I just killed the program without moving on. How can I get Orbx Central to leave my addons where they are? Jean-Jacques
  10. Ok Nick, I’ll install it to-morrow after having read the guide in you link. Thanks a lot! Jean-Jacques
  11. Thanks Nick, but I want to wait a little bit untill the problems with OC and P3D4 are solved before installing it. I do not think I can run FTX Central and Orbx Central in parallel. When I purchased Skagit I mixed up FTX and ORBX in the warning that it needed Orbx Central. The difference is not as clear as between Central 3 and Central 4. If I would have paid better attention to it I would have delayed the purchase of Skagit. But it’s a lesson I shall remember when the next addons for XP 11 will be announced. Jean-Jacques
  12. FTX Central tells me that the download for this product is not available , when a couple of days ago I could install LOWI and 2W3 Swanson without any problem. Que pasa? Jean-Jacques
  13. Thank you Nick, it worked for me. I was comming here to post exactly the same problem I experienced an saw that rod73 had already reported it. Jean-Jacques
  14. Thanks for the tip John. I just bought one, what a great laptop. I now need some time to install all of my Orbx sceneries... Jean-Jacques
  15. Thanks, but I have absolutely no idea about what the Jim Irving file is !!!!! Jim, what I did is to just double clic on the kmz file and it opens itself within GE. This is on a Mac where the GE app had been installed. Jean-Jacques
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